ART 181  • Visual Foundations of Design 
This foundations level course cultivates visual intelligence through carefully sequenced drawing exercises, illustrated lectures, and readings. Perceptual, conceptual, and technical skills are honed and elements of art and principles of design are explored through drawing and composition projects that give students an experiential understanding of a wide range of art-making paradigms.

ART 237/8  • History of Western Art I + II 
This course examines the visual images, sculptural objects, and architectural structures that have been produced throughout history. It traces chronologically some of the major artistic developments that have influenced both Western and Eastern cultures from cave painting to the 15th century, and from the Renaissance to the present. The course examines the ways in which these participate in the political, social, religious, and economic climates of which they are an integral part.

ART 328  • Modern Art History 
Art strategies (in traditional mediums such as painting, sculpture, and in architecture, as well as film, video, and performance) and the critical debates that arose in Europe and North America in the aftermath of the First World War to the present day in their social, economic, and political context. The rise and fall of modernism within visual arts and the development of post-modern practices. The role of art in society, its relationship to mass culture, and what is at stake in maintaining socially-engaged art today.

SAMC 420 (IDIS 420) • Arts, Media + Culture: New York City 
A three-week interdisciplinary fine arts study trip to New York city in which students critically engage the culture, art, and architecture of this world-renowned city. Visits to galleries, performances, and cultural sites accompany lectures and readings to encourage students to develop and deepen their aesthetic understandings and integration with faith

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Erica Grimm, Ph.D. 
Erica is a Canadian artist, researcher, and educator whose work is exhibited widely and is in collections such as the Canada Council Art Band and the Richmond Art Gallery. Invited Nash Lecturer and Distinguished Alumnae from the University of Regina, she is Associate Professor and Chair, Art + Design Department, School of the Arts, Media + Culture at Trinity Western University. Erica is passionate about how the arts ignite understanding through integrating intellectual, physical, sensory perceptual, intuitive and emotional capacities. She particularly enjoys mentoring students in discovering how generative is this reunification of body, heart and mind.

Laurel Gasque, Ph.D. 
Laurel teaches Art History at TWU and Christianity and the Visual Arts at Regent College, where she pioneered the arts and theology programme. She is the author of Arts & the Christian Mind, a biography of the Dutch art historian Hans Rookmaker, as well as numerous essays, articles, and reviews. She is associate editor of and contributing editor of Radix. Laurel has traveled extensively since her own undergraduate days and agrees with St. Augustine that, "The world is a book and those who don't travel read only a page."

ph: 604-513-2121 ext. 3142
office: RNT 138