3MT 2018 Videos

Kyle Young, M. Applied Linguistics & Exegesis

On the Apostolic (and Academic) Agendas

Supervisor: Dr. Steve Nicolle

Daniel Meszaros, M.A. Counselling Psychology

Understanding Men’s Lived Experiences of Shame Related to Masculine Identity

Supervisor: Dr. Mihaela Launeanu

Marianne Cottingham, M.A. Counselling Psychology

Parenting Coordination: Helping and Hindering Factors

Supervisor: Dr. Marvin McDonald

Jerlyn Chan, M.A. Counselling Psychology

What are Educators’ Views about this Innovative Approach to Teaching Mindfulness?

Supervisors: Dr. Marvin McDonald & Dr. Robert Lee

Jocelyn Harris, M.A. Linguistics

Finding Their Own Words

Supervisor: Larry Hayashi, M.A.

Hilary Evans, M.A. Counselling Psychology

Understanding Shame Resilience: Eating Disorder Treatment for Adolescents

Supervisor: Dr. Mihaela Launeanu

Cynthia Baroud, M.A. Counselling Psychology

A Hand Across Bars: Exploring Narratives of Meaningful Connections

Supervisor: Dr. Krista Socholotiuk