Biblical Studies - Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

Bailey, Scott AndrewReading Genesis 1-35 in Persian Yehud

Biersdorff, Kyle Allen. Translation and Interpretation in the Septuagint Version of the Balaam Account

Burrell, Omele Kevin. Conceptualizing Historical Periodization in the Apocalypse: The Canonical Shaping of the Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns

Choi, BaeSick Peter. The Exegetical Interrelation of Leviticus 19:1-18 and The Restoration of the Jewish Community in the Post-Exilic Period

Hamrick, James. No Faithful Oaths: A Comparison of Esau's Speech in Jubilees 37:18-23 with Achilles' Speech in Iliad 22:260-272

Haukaas, Mark"Indeed, He Is Coming with the Clouds": A Study of Revelation 1:7-8 as the Multivalent Thematic Statement of the Apocalypse

Herbison, David. Reconstructing the Text of the Church: The "Canonical Text" and the Goal of New Testament Textual Criticism

Johnson, Michael Brooks. Assessing the Maskil Thanksgiving-Prayer (1QHa XX 7-XXI 39 [?]): A New Superscription-Oriented Approach

Jones, Spencer Alan. Syntax in the Septuagint: With Special Reference to Relative Clauses in Greek Numbers

Kim, Jeehoon BrianYHWH as Gardener in the Old Testament with Special Reference to Psalm 104

Lake, Joelle Juliette. YHWH, The Ineffable Name: Avoidance, Alternations and Circumventions in the non-biblical manuscripts at Qumran

McClellan, Daniel O. "You Will Be Like the Gods": The Conceptualization of Deity in the Hebrew Bible in Cognitive Perspective

Parsons, Kyle. A Sanctuary in Time: Exploring Genesis 1's Memory of Creation

Reynolds, Scott. The Messiah and Eschatology in the Psalms of Solomon

Schroeder, Ryan Daniel. Memories of Balaam: Translatability of a Religious Specialist in Ancient Israel

Sigrist, David Joseph. Tracking Changes: A Proposal for a Linguistically Sensitive Schema for Categorizing Textual Variation of Hebrew Bible Texts in Light of Variant Scribal Practices among the Judaean Desert Psalms Witnesses

Sin, Matthew Yat SunThe Central Role of Lead Pastors in Developing Spiritual Leaders at a Local Church

Sitali, Abel S. Jewish Monotheism: The Exclusivity of YAHWEH in Persian Period Yehud (539-333 BCE)

Soderquist, JustinA New Edition of Codex I (016): The Washington Manuscript of the Epistles of Paul

Spence, Jeffrey Lloyd. Potential Sectarian Variants in Psalm 119 Of 11q5: A Further Investigation in Response To Eugene Ulrich's "The Absence of Sectarian Variants in The Dead Sea Scrolls"

Tucker, James Milton. Incorporating Syntax into Theories of Textual Transmission: Preliminary Studies in the Judaean Desert Isaiah Scrolls and Fragments

Counselling Psychology - Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology

Bartel, B. Tammy. Death Ends a Life, Not a Relationship: Family Bereavement, Relational Grieving, and Continuing Bonds

Beyer, Chelsea Dawn. Seeking the body electric: The role of embodied affective experience in the process of recovery from anorexia nervosa

Bhandal, Sandeep Kaur. Strengthening Relationships Through Mindfulness Practices

Bravo, Marvin M. Critical Factors Influencing Paternal Involvement: Fathers’ Experiences of Negotiating Role Responsibilities

Buhr, Erin. The Lived Experiences of Romantic Relationships Following Child Loss

Chou, Fred.  "Nothing About Us Without Us!" Youth-Led Solutions to Improve High School Completion Rates

Dykshoorn, Kristy L. Connections and Tensions Among Siblings in the Presence of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Parental Perceptions of the Impact of the Family System on Sibling Relationships

Gallagher, Scott Michael. Relational dimensions of perinatal bereavement: An action-project investigation of joint grieving in bereaved parents

Glasier, Willow C. ‘Torn Apart’: Involuntary Separation and the Search for Connection

Halvorson, Kate.  Maturity matters: How ego development helps Chinese-Canadian biculturals flourish

Hart, Jillian. We-ness: Couple Identity as Shared by Male Partners of Breast Cancer Patients

Kalnins, Genevieve Rosa Cecile. A Journey With Self-Compassion: Exploring Self-Compassion within the Context of the Christian Faith

Lloyd, Sarah MariePeer Influence and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in Adolescence: Exploring the Role of Co-Rumination

McBride, Hillary Lianna Sommers. Intergenerational Voices: Exploring body image transmission in the mother-daugther dyad

Rensch, Christian. Lifespan Integration Therapy with Trauma-Exposed Children: A Hermeneutic Single Case Efficacy Study

Schmimdt - Levesque, Jillian Marie. Voices in Relationship: The significance of a Fathers Influence on Women's Development of Voice

Siemens, Kelsey. Embodiment of Spirituality and Sexuality: Women's Lived Experience of Resilience to Sexual Shame

Stanus, William Ernest. The Lived Experience of Men in Reparative Therapy

Tranquilla, Giselle AnnetteIntensive Family Therapy with At-risk Youth: A Preliminary Critical Incident Study

Doctor of Ministry

Choy, Peter Kwok-Ping. Formation by Christocentricity-Grace-Spirit: Applying a Redemptive-Historical Preaching Paradigm to the Chinese Christian Community in Metro Vancouver

Mawhorter, Michael EvansLeveraging Church Culture: How Understanding a Church's Culture Enhances Ministry and Community Engagement

Educational Studies - Master of Arts in Educational Studies: Special Education

Knowlson, Adam. Theory of Mind, Affective Empathy, and Academic Achievement: A Correlative Study of Children in Grades 4 to 6

Kwiatkowski,  Brendan. Growing Up Male: A Social-Emotional Program For Grade 11 Males With Behavioural Needs In A BC Secondary School

Lorenz, Catherine. Universal Screening for Social Emotional Competencies: Is DIBELS an Option?

Interdisciplinary Humanities - Master of Arts in Interdiscplinary Humanities

Birkeland, Nicole Debra. The Citizen Self and Aboriginal "Other": Notions of Citizenship and Aboriginality in British Columbian Social Studies Education, 1945-Present

Brigham, Andrew John Montgomery. Darwinian Epistemology: Assessing the Implications for Reliable Cognition in a Non-Adaptive Domain of Belief

Costa, Andre. Habermas on Religion in The Public Sphere: A Post-Secular Conservative Critique

Devries, Esther Jane. On Moral Objectivity: Can there be objective moral evaluation without invoking the existence of "queer" ontological properties?

Harris, Joshua Lee. Univocity, Analogy and the Analytic-Continental Divide in Philosophy

Swan, Clayton. Science and Knowledge: A Post-Modern Approach to Empiricism

Viviano, Amy. Inferentialist Reliabilism and Proper Functionalism: A Comparative Analysis as Defenses of Externalism

Linguistics - Master of Arts in Linguistics

Aubrey, Michael. The Greek perfect and the categorization of tense and aspect: Toward a descriptive apparatus for operators in Role and Reference Grammar

Caunce, Rachael Paige. A Semiotic Perspective on the Positive Transfer of L1 Structure in Second Language Instruction

Janzen, Jonathan Arthur. Wałda̱mas? An exploration into the phonological-word in Kwak̕wala

Olson, Anna L. Constructions and Result: English Phrasal Verbs as Analysed in Construction Grammar

Twele, Hazel. Written and spoken register differences in Baghdadi Colloquial Arabic dramatic discourse

Vanderveen, Chantel. A Phonology of Stau

Walker, John Brian. Comparative Tense and Aspect in the Mara Bantu Languages: Towards a Linguistic History

White, Nathan. Non-spatial Setting in White Hmong

Wukasch, Benjamin Joel. Centered Fuller Communication: Sensus Plenior, Relevance Theory, and a Balanced Hermeneutic

Nursing - Master of Science in Nursing

Agoston, Ibolya Borbala. Northern Rural Nurses' Self-Perceived Competence in Addressing the Spiritual Needs of Patients with Life-Limiting Conditions by Using a Palliative Approach

Cernigoy, Elizabeth Amy. Novice Nurses' Experiences Providing Palliative Care for Children and Their Families

Chatterton, Danielle. Compassion Fatigue and its Association with Workplace Empowerment in Acute Care Medical Settings

Elliott, Heather Anne.  The Marketed Image of Nursing to Prospective Students of Canadian Baccalaureate Nursing Programs

Graham, Sandra J. Lessons From the Red Nose: What Nurses Can Learn From Therapeutic Clowns

Harder, Marti. Discerning Success of Indigenous Health Students in Community-based Programs

Janzen, Kyla C. Extending the Spirit: A Qualitative Secondary Analysis on Nurses' Perspectives on Spirituality

Jordan, Casandra Elaine. Nurses' Perceptions of Workaround Use

King, Glenda. Registered Nurses Providing Dignity: Caring For Older Persons Living in Residential Care

Klassen, Carolyn Gail. Job Stress and Turnover Among Registered Nurses in Acute Care: A Regression Analysis

Morson, Marilyn Coreen. Experiences of women in early labour sent home following hospital assessment

Oke, Stacy Lynn. Invoking Silvern Voices in Healthcare:Transforming Practice by Engaging Older Adults in Collaborative Partnerships

Oostra, Karen Lynn. Clinical reasoning on an assignment: Perceptions of third year baccalaureate nursing students

Ostrowski, Mary Patricia. Promoting Functional Status of Older Adults in the Emergency Department: Exploring Nurses' Perceptions of Care

Parmar, Asha Rani. Investigation of the Edinburgh Postnatal Scale's Question in the Screening of Postpartum Depression in Men

Pater, Susan L. The Post-Expectant Period: How Expectations and Embodiment Shape the Postpartum Period for First-time Canadian Fathers

Ramsden, Rae Ellen. Is Nursing transferable and portable: The experiences of travel Nurses

Redmond, Anne Marie. The Lived Experience of Learning Psychomotor Nursing Skills

Suzuki, Melissa JoyThe Kilburn Connection: Public Health Nursing Education and the Child Guidance Clinics in British Columbia 1932-1950

Symes, Carnelle. Western trained nurses transitioning to Qatar: Perceptions of their nursing role

Thomas, Siby Elizabeth John. Wound Dressings during Cancer Radiotherapy: A Survey of Canadian Practice

Wang, Sharon. Predicting the Length of Stay in Older Adults Undergoing Transapical Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

White, Nirvana. The Subjective Experience of Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease: Using Online Communities to Combat Social Isolation

TESOL - Master of Arts in TESOL

Kielstra, Nathan B. Pedagogical Practice in Mainstream University Courses with Generation 1.5 and International ESL Participants

Delamorandiere, Rebeka Kathleen.  Incidental Correction of Pronunciation: Beliefs and Classroom Practice

Theology - Master of Theological Studies

Benjamin, Suzette. The Significance of Karl Barth’s Conception of Petitionary Prayer as Divine–Human Correspondence in Church Dogmatics, IV/4 and the Christian Life: Cd, IV/4: Lecture Fragments

Dunbar, Douglas James. How A Story Means: A Narrative Linguistic Reading of Exodus 2-4

Harper, Tyler James Reid. Very God, Very Man: A Theological Exploration of Karl Barth's Christological Anthropology

McAuley, Erika M. Writings of an Ancient Poet: A Theological Composition of Aurelius Prudentius Clemens' Soteriology as Depicted in his Liber Cathemerinon

Springer, Don. Apostolic Memory Leveraged: The Development of Apostolic Identification for Purposes Of Theological Validation in the First Two Centuries of the Church

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