Possible Career Opportunities

clinical emphasis

  • Injury rehabilitation specialist
  • Exercise therapist or trainer
  • Kinesiologist
  • Medical doctor/sports medicine*
  • Nutritionist*
  • Occupational/recreational therapist*
  • Physical therapist*

health promotion emphasis

  • Health & Social Policy Director
  • Health & Wellness/Return to Work Coordinator
  • Life Coach (nutrition & fitness)
  • Manager/coordinator in community centers
  • Program coordinator (e.g. Parks & Recreation Dept.)
  • Public Health Director


  • Athletic Director
  • Activity Program leader
  • Coach
  • School teacher - Physical Education

emphasis on sport & leisure management

  • Athletic Director
  • Camp Manager
  • Civic recreation manager
  • Public relations
  • Sports administrator
  • Sport Association
  • Sport facility management
  • Sport marketing

*Additional education or certification may be required for some fields and occupations (e.g. completion of a Master's program, association registration, a professional program, or other specialized studies).


  • Community, social and correctional services
  • Governmental departments and organizations
  • Government services (e.g., penitentiaries, the foreign service, the Canandian Armed Forces)
  • Hospitals and primary health care settings
  • K - 12 Educational Institutions
  • Post-secondary education institutions
  • Professional and amateur sport organizations
  • Rehabilitation and occupational health departments
  • Regional health authorities
  • Sport and fitness centers
  • Sport governing bodies

Alumni Testimonials

Johann Windt, M. SC. CANDIDATE, B.H.K., C.S.C.S.



My time at Trinity Western University was a blessing and a privilege. TWU's School of Human Kinetics is truly unique. Its faculty are not only knowledgeable, but genuinely concerned with the success and joy of their students. The classes are small enough to allow for integrated discussion among students and for genuine relationships to be developed between classmates.

Since graduating in 2012, I have worked as a personal and semi-private trainer for the local business Coastal Fitness (founded by fellow TWU Alumnus, Ryan Jobs), and currently serve as the head strength and conditioning coach at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford.

I will never forget my time at Trinity Western, the professors who have become friends and colleagues, the classmates who have become peers, or the message of truly caring about the health and wellness of ourselves and others.