Scholars working within this hub will be involved in primary research, knowledge syntheses, and integrated knowledge translation projects regarding the advancement of nursing knowledge and practice concerning:

  1. Adults with chronic disease challenges, including those who are in life-limiting stages of disease in acute, residential, and home-care settings.
  2. Older adults experiencing the phenomenon of ageing, with a focus on health promotion that supports the person throughout the ageing process, with or without the complication of chronic conditions.

This hub includes projects addressing aspects related to positive aging, as well as palliative approach to care, end-of-life care, and advance care planning. 


Palliative Approach:  See contributions of TWU nursing faculty to research on a palliative approach, iPANEL, led by Dr. Kelli Stajduhar. 

Lift up your voice! and Hear me roar! are two Action Research projects promoting Positive Ageing led by Faith Richardson. Lift up your voice (Richardson, F., Daroszewski, E., Reimer-Kirkham, S, & Terblanche, L.) sought to promote positive aging by: (1) reflecting the voices of elders living in residential care and assisted living facilities and, (2) advancing ‘living theory’ of benefit to elder care clinical contexts by investigating what actions and attitudes by nurses and care providers elicited voice/personal agency in care. Hear me roar (Richardson, F., et al.), through Apreciative Inquiry, seeks to elicit a richer understanding of positive ageing, and particularly of the relationship between resilience and altruism in voice and personal agency.