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May 2019 Biology workshop dates and registration information:
GRADE 6, BIOLOGY, "LIFE THROUGH A LOOKING GLASS April 30 -May 3, May 6-10, 13-17
(2 WORKSHOPS PER DAY, 9:15-11:15AM OR 12:15-2:15PM)

The light microscope is a fundamental tool used by the cell biologist. In this “hands on” workshop, students will learn how to handle and care for a microscope, and how to calculate magnification.

Prepared slides and specimens will be set up at microscopy stations accompanied by a card of questions or activities designed to encourage observational skills and critical thinking.
Microscopes will be used to examine the features of representative species from the five kingdoms: Animalia, Plantae, Protists, Monera, and Fungi.

Students will also learn how simple staining techniques are used to highlight specific cellular features such as the nucleus and plasma membrane.

This field study is taught at the Grade 6 level by Teacher Assistants, who are TWU Education or Biology students.