The Trinity Western Community

Trinity Western is much more than an institution with classrooms, books and exams; we are a passionate, disciple-making academic community. We have a purpose. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping students fulfill their potential to make a positive contribution to their world and to serve God and others over the course of their life. At TWU, staff and faculty take an interest in helping students develop to their full potential, and the University provides many opportunities where students can test their gifts and skills as they prepare to make a difference.

Accepting the invitation

Because TWU is a learning community with a unique, exciting mission, it is important for students to consider what it means to be a member of our community. First, students come into the TWU community by invitation. They are invited to embrace the waiting opportunity to be part of a community with an exciting history and share—with fellow students, professors and staff—our mission to have a positive impact on society. We count it a privilege to be members together in this enterprise. Becoming a co-owner in any community brings with it certain expectations, responsibilities and subsequent accountability. Accepting an invitation to become a member of the Trinity Western community entails agreeing to live in accordance with its Community Covenant which seeks to foster a positive educational environment that reflects the values cherished by our community. Students are called to maintain TWU’s positive environment by being accountable to the community and its members for their own actions. The actions of each member have a direct effect on the other co-owners of the community. Students are encouraged to take initiative to see where they can contribute to campus life and have a positive influence on others.

Rewards of community

As students become active, responsible members in the TWU community, they find that the campus offers many privileges for them to enjoy. Through classes, community life, and residences, students have the unique opportunity to develop meaningful friendships with people from Canada and around the world. Through quality friendships, students come to better understand themselves and others, explore what’s important to them, and discover what they have to offer.

Partnering in service

As students become involved in student leadership and other campus activities, they discover opportunities to partner with others to serve the campus community. In doing so, they earn the respect and trust of people and gain the right to have a greater influence in their community and its development. As students become shareholders in this community, engage others in active friendship, and work together to serve others, they will find that TWU is a learning community second to none.