The Trinity Western Community

Trinity Western is much more than an institution with classrooms, books, and exams. We are a passionate, Christ-centred academic community. Our faculty and staff are committed to preparing you for a career and equipping you to find and fulfil your purpose. We provide many opportunities to develop your gifts and skills both inside and outside of the classroom as you prepare to go out and positively impact the world.

Accepting the invitation

We welcome all students who qualify for admission and choose to enrol, recognizing that not all affirm the theological views that are vital to the University’s Christian identity. It is expected, however, that when you accept the invitation to study at TWU you will strive to achieve respectful and purposeful unity that aims for the advancement of all. Because we are a learning community with a unique, exciting mission, it is important to consider what it means to become part of our community.

It is important to note that you join our community by invitation. You are invited to be part of a university with an exciting history and to share—with fellow students, professors, and staff—our mission to positively impact society. We count it a privilege to have you join us. 

Joining any community comes with certain expectations, responsibilities, and subsequent accountability. Accepting an invitation to join our community means you agree to foster a positive educational environment that reflects the values cherished by our community. You are called to maintain this positive environment by being accountable for your actions as they directly affect the other members of our community. We encourage you to take initiative to constructively contribute to campus life and have a positive influence on others.