Opened in 1998, our Ecosystem Study Area (ESA) is dedicated to the study, preservation, and proper management of the environment. We take the stewardship of this portion of the Salmon River Habitat seriously, believing it is entrusted to our care by God. The ESA functions as a “living creation laboratory” for students to learn about the local ecology and species of this area. Environmental Studies and Biology students regularly undertake exercises and research projects to study different parts of the ecosystem such as trees, soils, salmon, stream invertebrates, and the endangered Oregon Forest snail. The following guidelines are in place to care for, preserve, and protect our natural areas for future generations:

  • Stay on designated trails

  • Place all litter in designated containers

  • Do not remove or disturb wildlife or vegetation

  • No smoking, fires of any kind, or camping

  • No bicycles, motorized vehicles, horses, or pets

For further information or to volunteer with the ESA, please contact the Ecosystem Study Area Manager at ext. 2979.