Fines may be assessed to students for various violations of the Community Covenant or other policies and guidelines of the University including those published in the Student Handbook, Academic Calendar and TWU website. Common fines will be assessed for, but are not limited to the remuneration of damages, cleaning and replacement costs to campus or student property, malicious or intentional misconduct and services that have been abused or neglected. Fines will be charged to student accounts and can be paid at Enrolment Services. Grades may not be released and pre-registration may be delayed until all outstanding violations are paid.  

Minor fines include, but are not limited to: parking violations; library fines; burning candles or incense; pranks causing damage to property or inconvenience to community members; propping open fire doors; residence hall visitation violations; storing bikes in campus buildings; inappropriate or excessive decorations; prohibited furniture or appliances; unreported roommate or room changes;  unauthorized pets; and excessive noise levels. 

Serious fines include, but are not limited to: intentionally or accidentally pulling a fire alarm; tampering with fire and/or safety equipment; remaining in buildings during fire alarms or drills; setting off a fire alarm due to a policy violation (examples include: smoking, vaping, burning candles, etc.) unauthorized access to campus buildings or areas (including all roofs); rappelling from windows and/or buildings; and possessing weapons of any kind.  Repeat violations may result in fine increases and/or further accountability.