Students are required by law to apply for provincial health insurance, or BC Medical Services Plan (MSP). Any applicable premiums are the responsibility of individual students. With a British Columbia Care Card, you can be treated at any clinic or hospital in British Columbia, including the medical clinic in TWU’s Wellness Centre (2nd floor, Douglas Centre). For a list of nearby off-campus clinics, please refer to the For Your Information section at the end of this handbook.

New international or U.S. students will receive an interim Care Card for the first three months at TWU. Be sure to read the accompanying pamphlet you were given, which summarizes plan benefits and exclusions.

The Wellness Centre’s medical clinic is available to address personal health concerns or insurance questions. You can make an appointment with a doctor or nurse by calling campus ext. 2024 or in person at the clinic. Clinic hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m (closed 12 to 1 for lunch).

For 24-hour on-campus first aid assistance, call Security at 604-513-2099. For emergency assistance, call 911.

If you require the use of syringes due to a medical condition, syringes must be safely disposed of in designated sharps containers for the safety of the campus community. These containers are available free of charge through the Wellness Centre.