Every student is required by law to purchase British Columbia Medical Insurance. This entitles you access to British Columbia Medical Services. Using your British Columbia Care Card, you can be treated at any clinic or hospital in British Columbia, including the medical clinic in Trinity Western’s Wellness Centre (2nd floor, Douglas Centre). For clinics in the TWU area look in the Telus Yellow Pages under “clinics”. If you are a new International or U.S. student, you will have a British Columbia interim insurance card for the first three months at TWU. Be sure to read the pamphlet summarizing plan benefits and exclusions.  

The TWU Wellness Centre’s medical clinic is available for students with personal health concerns or insurance questions. Appointments with a doctor or nurse can be made by calling campus extension #2024, or by going to the clinic in person during normal office hours. On campus 24-hour 1st Aid assistance is also available by calling Security at 604.513.2099. For emergency assistance call 9-1-1. 

Some students on campus may require the utilization of syringes due to a medical condition. For the safety of our campus community, it is a requirement that anyone utilizing syringes ensure they are safely disposed of in designated Sharps Containers.  These containers are available free of charge to anyone who requests one through TWU’s Wellness Centre.