Telephone: 604-513-2005

Mail services are available inside Trinity Western Outfitters where you can purchase stamps and send mail.  Campus residents can also receive mail if they set up a campus mailbox by going to the customer service desk of Trinity Western Outfitters. Due to the limited number available, mailboxes are available only to residents and will be shared with other students. The annual rental fee is $5 and the key deposit is $20. The $20 deposit will be refunded when the key is returned. Lost keys carry a $20 replacement fee. Incoming mail must be addressed correctly, or it will be returned to sender. When your parcel arrives, you will receive an email with a pickup number and instructions on how to collect it. Mail is sorted the day it is received and available for pick-up the next business day so please allow at least one business day before checking on the status of your mail. Unclaimed parcels will be disposed of after a reasonable period of time.

All incoming mail must comply with the addressing guidelines of Canada Post as shown below:

Trinity Western University
First & Last Name Box#
22500 University Drive
Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1
CANADA (for international mail)

Please note that addressed “admail” is not accepted by TWU and will be recycled. TWU does not provide mail forwarding; thus, mail addressed to students no longer at TWU will be returned to sender.