Participation in social networking and broadcasting communities such as, but not limited to, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube are common sources of social connection and personal expression for members of the TWU community. In a proper balance with face to face relationships, online community involvement can be an enriching experience when certain precautions are taken. Students choosing to participate in online communities should consider the following:
• Limit the amount of personal information provided and make use of the site’s security or privacy settings to control access to personal information. Phone numbers, SIN or SSN information, student ID numbers, credit card information, physical addresses (including room numbers), email addresses, date of birth, photos, or personal disclosures can be accessed by others who may share them or use them in ways you do not intend;
• Behaviour that is inappropriate in face to face relations is also inappropriate online, such as threats, harassment, discrimination or acts of fraud. For the TWU community this also includes behaviour that is contrary to the Community Covenant and/or policies and guidelines of the University.  Displays or disclosures of inappropriate behaviour may be investigated through TWU’s Student Accountability Policy and Procedures;
• All TWU students should be familiar with the Community Acceptable Use Policy, which can be found at: IT Acceptable Use Policy