Failure to comply with parking guidelines may result in a parking violation and/or fine.

Restrictions: Students may not park in any spaces that are reserved, including fire lanes, disabled person spaces, staff parking, Reimer underground, Mattson Centre, or any other unauthorized space.

You may use loading zones for short-term loading or unloading only after checking in with Parking Services, located in the Welcome Centre at the entrance to campus.

Uninsured vehicles are not permitted on campus and may be towed at the owner’s expense. Other uninsured motorized vehicles, carts, or scooters (other than University service vehicles or those required for equity of access) are also not permitted on campus.

Except for authorized service vehicles, parking or driving on sidewalks or grass is strictly prohibited.

Posted speed limits must not be exceeded. Maximum speed in parking lots is 15 km/h.

Liability: The security and insurance coverage of a vehicle is the responsibility of its owner. Use of TWU roadways and parking lots is at your own risk. Please remove valuables from view and lock vehicles. The University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage through fire, theft, collision, or otherwise, to a vehicle or its contents.

Transfers and Refunds: Since parking permits are issued to a specific vehicle and operator, they are not transferable. If a vehicle is sold or traded, Parking Services must be notified immediately with new vehicle details and license plate information. (An administrative charge may apply.)

Permit refunds can be requested by notifying Parking Services in writing or in person. The refund will be prorated from the date when Parking Services is informed.

Changing status from Housing to Commuter, or vice versa, requires exchanging permits at Parking Services. It does not affect where vehicles can be parked, but does affect the price of the parking pass.

Refunds will be credited to student accounts per the withdrawal fee schedule.