HOURLY: Parking is available on an hourly basis and can be purchased at the dispensers located at the following locations: The entrance to campus (flag pole), Fosmark Building, Northwest Building, Music building parking lot, Vernon Strombeck Parking lot or in the Reimer Underground Parkade. Permits of all varieties can also be purchased at the Parking Services Office, located in the Welcome Centre at the entrance to campus.

DAILY Permit: Purchase a dispenser daily permit ($7.50). All parking is “Pay by License Plate” There is no need to display any pass in your car. You may park in any student parking lot with the exception of the Robson underground lot.

WEEKLY Permit: Purchase a 7 day permit ($25.00) from a parking permit dispenser. This is “Pay by License”.  Note: that the Reimer Student Centre underground lot is a “reserved” and “pay hourly” lot and therefore weekly permits are not valid for this lot. 

Academic Permit: Commuter and resident parking is now called “Student Parking”. Students can purchase a yearly permit or a permit for any duration of the year, from the Welcome Centre. All parking permits are “Pay by License Plate” so there is nothing to display on the vehicle as it is the vehicle that is registered. Failure to present accurate information to Parking Services may result in issuance of parking violations. Underground parking permits for Robson building are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Academic year permits are also available after September on a pro-rated fee basis. Parking refunds can be made if a student notifies parking services in writing or in person that they no longer require the permit. The refund will be calculated from the date that parking services are informed. Students changing status from Resident to Commuter, or vice versa, should exchange their permit at Parking Services. Although this won’t affect where you can park it does affect the price of the pass.

TEMPORARY Permit: Temporary day permits are available from Parking Services free of charge when a student’s registered vehicle is in for repairs.  The vehicle must be registered with security in advance to avoid a parking violation.

DISABILITY Permit: Persons holding a valid “Disabled Person” parking permit from any province or state may park in disabled person parking spaces or in non-reserved spaces throughout campus that assists convenient access to our facilities. Please register your vehicle with Security & Parking Services. If you have a temporary disability that merits special parking consideration, you may obtain a temporary disabled person permit upon submission of a physician’s certificate. Applicable parking fees apply.

MOTORCYCLES: Motorcycles do not require a parking permit, but must be parked in designated motorcycle areas. 

Students may not park in Staff parking lots, Reimer underground or in front of the Mattson building. There is an overflow parking lot located beside the Fosmark Building. 

•    Hourly parking can be purchased at the flagpole parking dispenser.
•    See receptionist at the Mattson Centre for complimentary passes.