All parking is “Pay by License Plate.” There is no need to display a pass in the vehicle, and parking is available in any student lot with the exception of the Robson Hall underground parking. (Robson Hall parking passes are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Hourly, Daily, Weekly: Hourly, daily, and weekly parking can be purchased from dispensers at the following locations: the entrance to campus (flagpole), Fosmark Building, Northwest Building, Music Building parking lot, Vernon Strombeck parking lot, or the Reimer underground parkade. All parking permits can also be purchased at the Parking Services office. Daily permits cost $7.50, and weekly (seven days) $25.

Please note:

  • The Reimer Student Centre underground parkade is hourly only; weekly permits are not valid in that lot.

  • All vehicles parked in front of Mattson Centre must either have paid for hourly parking or display a complimentary pass (available from the receptionist at Mattson Centre).

Yearly Permits: Yearly permits can be purchased at the Parking Services office.

Temporary Permits: Temporary day permits are available free of charge from Parking Services when a registered vehicle is in for repairs. The temporary vehicle must be registered with Security to avoid a parking violation.

Disability Permits: Vehicles displaying a valid disabled person parking permit from any province or state may park in disabled person parking spaces or in convenient, non-reserved spaces throughout campus. Please register the vehicle with Parking Services. Temporary disabilities that merit special parking consideration are eligible for a temporary disabled person permit upon submission of a physician’s certificate. Applicable parking fees apply.

Motorcycles: Motorcycles do not require a parking permit, but must be parked in designated areas.

Overflow Parking: Overflow parking is available in the Fosmark Building parking lot.