The University does not permit housing pets in University buildings, with the exception of fish kept in aquariums of five gallons (19 litres) or less. Students must provide proper care to any fish living on campus and TWU reserves the right to ask a student to remove pet fish from campus.

Pets belonging to students and guests are permitted outdoors on TWU property provided they are: no more than 75 kilos in weight, leashed, licensed (if required by local by-law), vaccinated appropriately and that vaccines are current, with, and under the control of, its owner/handler, and cleaned up after by their owner/handler (e.g. feces). A person who brings a pet onto University property will be held responsible for any costs or consequences of damage caused by the pet.

Pets are not permitted on/in: the recreational or athletic sports fields, the Ecosystem Study Area, or any other areas where there is signage to indicate animals are not permitted.

The University reserves the right to remove or ask a Bylaw Enforcement Officer to remove, any pet if the animal is in distress, causing health and safety concerns, or is creating a public nuisance.