A false sense of security can inadvertently be created in a Christian university setting. TWU desires to provide a safe and secure home for students. You are expected to take an active role in ensuring a safe and secure environment. Please follow these basic safety guidelines:

• Fire doors or any locked doors should not be propped open as this can endanger the lives and belongings of everyone in the residence hall;
• Lock the doors and windows of your room and carry your keys with you. Keep valuable items in a safe place out of sight, engrave valuables, and record serial numbers. If you are locked out of your building or room, call Security at local 2099. An unlock charge will be issued for this service;
• Do not walk alone on the campus perimeter during evening hours. Please call Security at ext. 2099 if you require an escort to your vehicle or to another campus building;
• Report thefts and/or suspicious persons or incidents to Security immediately;
• Pizza delivery personnel should be met in residence hall lounges;
• Do not climb on building roofs or out of windows;
• Use a lock on your computers and laptops to deter theft;

Security concerns or suggestions? Please contact Security at ext. 2099. 

Students are reminded that Trinity Western University will not be liable directly or indirectly, for loss or theft of student personal property of any kind. This will also include, but not be limited to, damages from fire, water or other causes. Students are advised to obtain personal insurance against such losses. For most students, it is possible to obtain coverage through a rider on their family tenant or homeowner insurance policy.