TWU Wifi

Contact Service Hub

Langley Campus

Use the network SSID: TWU when connecting for the best connection. Refer to for assistance.

Richmond Campuses

Use the network SSID: TWU-Richmond when connecting. Refer to for assistance.

Internet access is free for all students.

Please note that the use of wireless printers, and wireless hubs is prohibited as they directly interfere with the wireless network, and could disable access for users in that area. Most SMART devices are incompatible with our enterprise grade network.

The University understands that materials accessed through the network are generally used for academic purposes and also recognizes the recreational value of the network. All community members are prohibited from viewing pornography, hate literature, and any other material in opposition to the Student Code of Conduct or policies and guidelines of the University. When connecting to the TWU WiFi all students must agree to the acceptable use policy before registering a connection.

Assistance is available for networking, email, and other technical services by contacting the Service Hub