If a student fails to abide by the Student Code of Conduct and/or policies and guidelines of the University as outlined in the Student Handbook, Academic Calendar, and TWU website, the student can expect a fair and reasonable response from the University under these accountability procedures, with the goal of bringing the student back into positive relationship with the community while contributing to the student’s personal and spiritual growth.

Initial and/or minor violations may be dealt with through a discussion process normally facilitated by Student Life staff. Subsequent and/or more serious breaches of the Student Code of Conduct or other policies or guidelines may be dealt with in a formal process overseen by the Director of Community Life or VP of Student Life. Such cases may be referred to the University’s Accountability Committee, consisting of faculty, staff, and students, for determination and resolution. Allegations of Sexualized Violence or Bullying and Harassment have their own accountability procedures due to the complex and sensitive nature of these situations, and these processes can be found in the Sexualized Violence Policy and Bullying and Harassment Policy.