In Christian love, respect, and responsibility, students are encouraged to seek resolution when tension, misunderstanding, conflict, failure, or disagreements have fractured a relationship. It is expected that as adult learners, members of our community will seek mutual solution to problems that arise within the context of daily living together. Persisting through personal shortfalls is essential and foundational to successful community living. At a grassroots level, it is expected and encouraged that students, staff, and faculty will sensitively hold one another accountable to the values and ideals of the University out of sincere concern for one another. Disregard for community responsibility and accountability is considered inappropriate behaviour, as it may jeopardize the effectiveness of the learning environment and mission of the University. Students are encouraged to reflect upon their own goals and values to ensure that they are not in conflict with the educational environment they have chosen at TWU.

The student accountability process may be initiated as the result of a complaint against a student brought to Student Life by another member of the community or as a result of concerns from the community regarding a student’s conduct.