If the matter is delegated to the University’s Accountability Committee, the student will have the right to appear at the meeting, the right to invite one support person (a friend or relative), and the right to knowledge of the evidence upon which the allegations are based. The chair of the University’s Accountability Committee will provide information to the student regarding the procedures to be followed in the meeting. The meeting will be closed to the public, except for the designated support person, provided that the support person commits to maintaining strict confidentiality over all evidence and proceedings. Formal rules of evidence will not apply nor will harmless procedural errors invalidate a decision. Failure to appear will result in a decision being made in the absence of the student. Final decisions of the University’s Accountability Committee will be by majority vote of the members present and voting. The VP of Student Life or designate, on behalf of the University’s Accountability Committee, will notify the student in writing of relevant decisions and the committee’s rationale for each.

The Accountability Committee includes five members. Appointments to the committee are made as follows: one faculty member appointed by the Provost; one staff member appointed by the VP of Student Life; and two students, one appointed by the TWUSA Executive and one Resident Assistant appointed by the Director of Community Life upon approval from the VP of Student Life. The VP of Student Life or designate serves as chair and deciding vote in the event of tie. Minutes of the committee’s meetings are kept confidential.