Disciplinary measures which may be imposed, singularly or in combination, for violations to the Student Code of Conduct include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Verbal Warning or Reprimand/Informal Resolution;

  2. Official Warning or Reprimand – A written warning or reprimand to the student;

  3. Apology – Requirement that the student issue a statement, apology, or retraction in an appropriate form in public or in private;

  4. Discretionary Sanctions – Imposition of community service, work assignments, service to the University, or other such discretionary assignments that are considered appropriate and punitive, compensatory, restorative, educational, or deterrent in nature, provided that any such work or service is available and not prohibited by labour or other service agreements;

  5. Restitution – Assessment of charges for cost recovery for loss, cleaning, damage, or injury, which may be monetary or in the form of appropriate service or material replacement;

  6. Fines – Monetary penalties as follows:

    1. Violations for which minor fines may be assessed include, but are not limited to: parking violations; library fines; burning candles or incense; pranks causing damage to property or inconvenience to community members; propping open fire doors; residence hall visitation violations; storing bikes in campus buildings; inappropriate or excessive decorations; prohibited furniture or appliances; unauthorized roommate or room changes; unauthorized pets; and excessive noise levels;

    2. Violations for which major fines may be assessed include, but are not limited to: intentionally or accidentally pulling a fire alarm; tampering with fire or safety equipment; remaining in buildings during fire alarms or drills; setting off a fire alarm due to a policy violation (e.g., smoking, vaping, burning candles); possession of alcohol or other prohibited substances on campus; unauthorized access to campus buildings or areas (including all roofs); rappelling from windows or buildings; and possessing weapons of any kind. Repeat violations may result in fine increases and/or further accountability.

  7. Partial or Full Loss of Fees or University Financial Aid – Forfeiture or loss of payments, fees, or refunds;

  8. Relocation or Removal from University Housing – Relocation from a residence or exclusion of the student from residence permanently or for any specified period of time, which may or may not be made subject to the student complying with certain conditions;

  9. Restriction or Prohibition of Access or Use – A denial for a specified period of time of, or conditions imposed on, a student’s right to access or use any part or all of the University’s lands, equipment, facilities, services, activities, programs, meetings, or events or those held by, on, or in association with the University;

  10. Requirement of Mentorship or Accountability Relationship – A formal arrangement where the student must meet a specified number of times with a designated individual for the purpose of counselling and bringing the student back into a positive relationship with the University;

  11. Probation – A written reprimand and order for a designated probationary period during which a student must fulfil predetermined conditions, potentially forfeit privileges and/or financial aid, and maintain good conduct or otherwise be subject to the imposition of further or more severe disciplinary sanctions;

  12. Loss of Privileges – A denial of specified privileges for a specified period of time. Privileges are those activities that if restricted may affect full participation in campus life but not make it impossible to complete academic requirements (e.g., removal from or ineligibility for student leadership, varsity athletic teams, music teams, or theatre productions);

  13. Deregistration or Termination – Removal of the student from one or more courses for one or more terms (which may require reapplication for admission to a program or faculty and/or termination from any internship, practicum, or research project);

  14. Suspension (one week to more than one semester) – An involuntary separation of the student from the University for a specified period of time after which the student is eligible to return. Conditions for readmission may be imposed. Suspension will normally also result in deregistration and/or placement of an academic hold on the student’s account. For the duration of the suspension, students are not allowed on campus without express permission and are not permitted to attend class or TWU events, either on or off campus;

  15. Expulsion – A permanent, involuntary separation of the student from the University.