If you have any concern about possible bullying or harassment, the Contact Person is your point of initial contact. There are six such individuals available on campus and all have been trained in dealing with bullying and harassment issues. The list of Contact Persons is posted on the main bulletin board in the Reimer Student Centre. Your initial discussion with a Contact Person is confidential. If a complaint of bullying or harassment is to proceed into a formal investigation, then the complaint must be put into written form.

As a complainant, you are encouraged to keep written records of consultation discussions. Contact Persons, however, will NOT keep records of the discussion unless they proceed to a formal investigation. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted or investigated. In the event a complaint is received regarding a Vice President or the President, the Senior Harassment Officer shall serve as the Contact Person and will initiate an investigation through an external investigator, notifying the Governance Committee of the Board of Governors.