Discipline will be implemented through the Vice President for the area. Discipline will be guided by the processes established under the Staff, Faculty, and/or Student Handbooks and related materials, and by any predetermined consequences stated therein.


  1. The University’s administration may take immediate action to stop bullying and harassment if deemed necessary. This action is not limited to the process described in the Procedures document. Immediate action is NOT discipline but is simply action that is intended to protect the campus community as a whole or an individual member.

  2. Retaliation in any form is specifically prohibited and, if proven, will result in serious and immediate discipline. This may include expulsion or dismissal for cause.

  3. Subject to 1 and 2 above, there will be NO initial discipline as a result of complaint information provided to Contact Persons that alleges infractions of the Bullying and Harassment Policy.

  4. While each harassment complaint will be adjudicated individually, this does not preclude additional, appropriate discipline where there are repeat instances. The governing Vice President for the area will determine the need for and implementation of additional discipline consequences.