In accordance with BC Ministry of Health, BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC), and Fraser Health Authority (FHA), the University has adopted the following policies with respect to all communicable diseases and sexually transmitted diseases:

  1. The University will endeavour to make available up-to-date educational materials and Public Health Unit bulletins to students, staff, and faculty concerning any communicable infection and disease.

  2. The University is not responsible for spread or infection on campus caused by reportable or non-reportable infections and diseases (as defined by BCCDC). Nevertheless, staff and faculty in University departments where an accident involving blood has a higher possibility of occurrence (e.g., Health Services, Community Life and Physical Education/Athletics) will receive specific training and will support the maintenance of special guidelines designed to help protect students, staff, and faculty from possible infection. Universal precautions as prescribed by BCCDC will be followed in the treatment and care of any ill or injured students, staff, or faculty member.

  3. The University will communicate to the FHA and/or BCCDC all reportable communicable infections and diseases per the following provisions:

  4. While the health status information of all student, staff, or faculty members is held in the strictest confidence, the University is required by law under the BC Health Act to report communicable infections and diseases;

  5. The University, in conjunction with the FHA, will give students, staff, and faculty appropriate information, as needed, on reportable communicable infections or diseases;

  6. The University will meet all legal requirements of the FHA and BCCDC for quarantine or isolation of any student, staff, or faculty infected with a contagious disease;

  7. In the event of an outbreak of a communicable disease, the University will adhere to protocols established by the FHA and/or BCCDC.

  8. No student who contracts a contagious infection or disease while enrolled will be asked to leave campus or withdraw because of his/her illness UNLESS he/she poses a danger to campus community members as determined by the FHA and/or BCCDC.

  9. In the event that testing for infection is required either by the Public Health Office or some other government body including Health Canada, it will be carried out only following consultation with a physician by the individual to be tested. If testing is required according to the Public Health Office or Health Canada, the need for such testing will be communicated confidentially to the individual by the University.

  10. The University recognizes that those infected with a communicable disease may benefit from specific medical and counselling care. The University encourages anyone affected by these conditions to access services through their health care provider or the health services and mental health staff in the Wellness Centre on campus.