Sexualized violence (as defined in section 18 of the policy) is unacceptable and prohibited conduct at TWU, and abhorrent to the values of the TWU community. Sexualized violence is recognized as a significant and systemic issue for society, and higher education in particular, and TWU’s Sexualized Violence Policy sets out the University’s framework and strategy to address sexualized violence.

TWU is committed to addressing sexualized violence by:

  1. Implementing and actively promoting trauma-informed education, awareness, prevention, and training programs, in various formats appropriate for diverse audiences;

  2. Receiving disclosures and reports of sexualized violence;

  3. Working to remove barriers to disclosures and reports of sexualized violence;

  4. Communicating the support services and resources available to all members of the University community who may be directly or indirectly impacted by sexualized violence;

  5. Supporting survivors and those impacted by sexualized violence, through academic and nonacademic supports as appropriate; and

  6. Coordinating consistent, fair, and transparent responses to sexualized violence disclosures and reports.