Trinity Western University is a unique and dynamic disciple-making and academic community. Every member of the community—faculty, staff and fellow students—engage each other in Trinity Western University’s mission to prepare godly Christian leaders. Once invited to become members, students become “co-owners” of the mission and are accountable to every other member of the community to contribute to a positive and rewarding learning environment. This accountability is facilitated through a Community Covenant commitment all students sign and which is fully outlined in the general University Policies section.

If a student fails to maintain his or her commitment to the Community Covenant and/or policies and guidelines of the University as outlined in the Student Handbook, Academic Calendar and TWU website, an accountability process exists that is structured around the goal of bringing the student back into relationship with the community while contributing to the student’s personal and spiritual growth. Initial and/or minor violations may be dealt with through a discussion process facilitated by Student Life staff. Subsequent and/or more serious breaches of the Community Covenant may be dealt with in a formal process overseen by the Director of Community Life or VP of Student Life. Such cases may be referred to the University’s Accountability Committee, consisting of faculty, staff and students, for resolution.

In every instance, the University seeks to prayerfully and objectively assess what has occurred, demonstrate care and acceptance for the individual involved, help build understanding and commitment to community responsibilities, and encourage the individual to accept accountability for his or her behaviour as a member of the TWU community. If a student, in the opinion of the University, is unable, refuses or fails to live up to their commitment, the University reserves the right to discipline, dismiss, or refuse a student’s re-admission to the University.