1. What is the purpose of the Student Handbook?

Response: Our 2018/19 Student Handbook helps you understand who we are as a Christ-centred academic community and what standards we expect you to uphold during your studies here at Trinity Western.  

The Handbook includes helpful information for you on everything from where you can get a cup of coffee for your morning class to how you can get engaged in student leadership. It also has important policies for students, such as the Student Code of Conduct, Living on Campus, Protection of Personal Privacy and Information, Bullying and Harassment, and Sexualized Violence. The Sexualized Violence policy is new and has its own dedicated resource page.  

We have created a new Code of Conduct section in the handbook to put many of these standards in one place for easy access for students.  A code of conduct is the typical way that most universities in Canada communicate their expectations.

See: Code of Conduct

  1. Sexual Impropriety

Response: We cherish the values of modesty, purity and chastity as a community, and therefore we discourage sex outside of marriage for students or employees. Our sexual impropriety policy will be equally applied to all students who enrol, and want to learn from a Christian perspective, irrespective of spiritual belief, race, sexual orientation, or gender.

See: Sexual Impropriety

  1. Legalization of marijuana/cannabis

Response:   TWU will be a cannabis free campus, and we have developed a cannabis policy banning the non-medicinal use of cannabis that will go into effect when Cannabis use becomes legal across Canada.  Student Life staff have participated in training regarding cannabis so they can be proactive on this issue with students.

See: Cannabis

  1. Will students be allowed to use cannabis recreationally off campus?

Response: TWU is a cannabis free campus, and we do not condone the non-medicinal use of cannabis.  The decision by the Canadian government to legalize cannabis has not changed the fact that research shows cannabis use - especially by individuals under the age of 25 - negatively impacts brain development.  We cannot condone behaviour that is shown to be harmful.

  1. What has TWU done to prevent Sexual Violence for students?


  • A newly approved Sexualized Violence Policy.

  • We have created a web page as a resource to assist students with reporting and to educate the community regarding sexualized violence.

  • We are conducting staff and student leader training on sexualized violence.

  • We are including information on the new policy and available resources in the Foundations class for 1st year students.

  1. What does it look like when a student is discovered to be engaging in behaviour contrary to the Student Code of Conduct?

Response: Every student can expect a fair and reasonable response from the University, with the goal of bringing the student back into positive relationship with the community, while also contributing to the student’s personal and spiritual growth.

Initial and/or minor violations may be dealt with through a discussion process normally facilitated by Student Life staff. Subsequent and/or more serious breaches of the Student Code of Conduct or other policies or guidelines may be dealt with in a formal process overseen by the Director of Community Life or Vice President of Student Life.

See: Accountability Process