Winter Retreat 2020: Rockridge Canyon

1. What to Bring

Remember to pack light, but be sure to include the following:

  • Winter clothes (incl. winter jacket, winter boots, toque, warm socks, gloves)
  • Personal toiletries (incl. a towel for showers)
  • Flashlight (for getting around the general camp grounds at night)
  • Bible (for those of you that take notes a pad and paper too)
  • Notebook and pen (for taking session notes, journaling, etc.)
  • Skates (if you'd like to skate)

2. Can I come late?

Everyone is expected to leave with the big group. Given that travel to the camp involves winter driving conditions, we ask that all student leaders travel as a group from TWU.

3. If I'm a Commuter can I leave my car on campus?

You are welcome to leave your car on campus for the weekend. However, we ask that you park in the Fosmark parking lot. If you do not already have a parking pass you will need to purchase a temporary one for the weekend (from the parking machines).

4. Do I have to attend the Winter Retreat?

As a student leader holding an established role of leadership, you are responsible for attending the Winter Retreat as a part of your leadership agreement. The retreat is designed to offer student leaders a refreshing space to be rejuvenated and refocused for the Spring semester. We believe that this will be a valuable opportunity to hear from God, deepen relationships with friends, and enjoy the camp facilities.

5. Is there free time just to hang out with my friends?

Yes! We have many exciting activities and sessions planned for the weekend but there will be plenty of time for you to relax and spend time with friends. The entire afternoon on Saturday is devoted to outdoor activities or personal time to do whatever you like.

6. What should I remember when traveling with Trinity?

Your staff lead will provide you with all necessary details regarding when you should be back to TWU in time to begin the retreat.