What to Bring?Photo-aerial-Qwanoes

  • Clothing suitable for island weather (i.e.: cold & possibly damp). It really cools off at night!
  • Sleeping bag & pillow (just a heads up for those in cabins there is NO heat).
  • Personal toiletries (incl. a towel for showers)
  • Flashlight (NO electricity in cabins or around the general camp grounds).
  • Bible (for those of you that take notes a pad and paper too).

[REMEMBER to Pack Light, we have luggage for 250 people!]

Can I come late?

Everyone is expected to leave with the big group. If this will be a real issue for you please speak with your staff supervisor to see if any alternative arrangements can be made. Remember this is an excused absence from class and so most students should be able to leave with everyone else at 10:30am on Friday.

If I'm a Commuter can I leave my car on campus?

- You are welcome to leave your car on campus for the weekend. We would however ask that you park over in the Fosmark parking lot. If you do not already have a parking pass you will need to purchase a temporary one for the weekend (from the parking machines)

Do I have to attend Qwanoes?

-As a student leader holding an established role of leadership you are responsible for attending the Fall Retreat as a part of your leadership covenant. Qwanoes is geared to be many things for many people. It is a time for many to be rejuvenated after an intense September month. For others it is a good chance to enjoy the camp facilities and hang out with friends. Hopefully, it is a time in which we can all hear from the Lord and what He has for us whether that be through our speaker or in quiet times of reflection. 

Is there free time just to hang out with my friends?

-Obviously, we have many things planned for the weekend but there will be plenty of time for you to just relax and spend time with friends. The whole afternoon on Saturday is devoted to outdoor activities or personal time to do whatever you like.

What should I remember when traveling with Trinity?

  • To be at the tennis courts by 10:30am on Friday so we make our ferry departure time.
  • To stay together at the ferry terminal so that no one has to pay their own way.
  • To use the bathroom on the ferry so not to hold up the buses on the other end.
  • To pack as light as possible seeing that we have 250 people's luggage to move.
  • To be responsible for picking up your luggage in front of the Reimer Student Centre upon returning to campus.