At TWU, we believe that an integral part of any relationship with Christ is to actively seek out His children and to serve as His hands of healing in a broken and hurting world. That’s where our Local Outreach, Volunteering, and Evangelism (LOVE) programs come in!

Each week we send fifteen different outreach groups into the local community to serve the lower mainland and help spread Christ’s truth through servant-hearted relationships.

Through these groups, we hope to be a force of spiritual, physical, and emotional transformation within the community, allowing Christ’s goodness to be spread in both word and deed.

So, What is L.O.V.E.?

L.O.V.E. provides practical opportunities to serve the community around us and fulfill Christ’s command to love your neighbour as yourself. Whether by serving the homeless, assisting refugees, ministering in the local prisons, or providing mentorship to local youth, I know that through these programs you will be able to help spread Christ’s love to those around you, and grow in your experience of that love yourself!

Please explore the different opportunities we already provide, and don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions, or have an idea for a new outreach program!

Student Led Outreach Teams

Finding a Local Church

Associate Chaplain for Local Outreach, Volunteering, and Evangelism | Student Ministries |Trinity Western University | p:604.513.2121 (3421) |