URBAN PLUNGE TRIP, February 16-21, 2020

These trips are an incredible opportunity to be thrust out of your comfort zone in order to ask the hard questions: Why are there homeless people in the wealthiest nations on earth? How do we live as Christians in light of these realities and injustices? Teams will partner with numerous inner city ministries locally in Vancouver. Through direct-service you will be given the opportunity to see God working in your own life and the lives of the people around you - whether it be a teammate or someone you meet on the street. 


To apply for an Urban Plunge Trip (Feb), simply complete steps one and two below before January 17, 2020. Applications for Global Outreach Trips (May) are now closed except for Fort Babine.

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Want to be immersed in indigenous culture for the month of May? Want to experience the cultural heritage of Canada and continue 20 years of relationships between the Fort Babine indigenous community and TWU? Click the button below to learn more and start the process of applying for this month-long trip. Deadline: November 27, 2019

Learn About Fort Babine


Join us this spring as we embark on a journey to learn how to be better stewards of God’s creation. We will partner with A Rocha, a Christian conversation organization, discovering how we can sustain the environment in which we live. A Rocha is focused on helping people see that the health of a community is grounded in the health of the environment. During this time, we will gain knowledge about how to recognize the gift of the earth which God has graciously entrusted to us. We will be challenged to expand our vision of what it means to live like a Christian and by doing this we will discover we are loving our neighbors as Jesus commanded! As A Rocha says, we will participate in “transforming people and places by showing God’s love for all creation”. 


God calls us to live our lives on mission—not only overseas, but everywhere we go. Join a team of students learning how to think globally while acting locally through partnering with a relief and development agency this spring break. The MCC is committed to meeting basic human needs with the goal of peace and justice. They envision communities worldwide in right relationship with God, one another and creation. This trip will include supporting local MCC programs that serve families, alleviate poverty, and pursue restorative justice. We will also learn about the business side of development work by engaging with several social enterprises, experiencing how the MCC supports themselves financially. 


By joining the refugee focused urban plunge team we will participate in collaborating with Kinbrace and Journey Home two amazing organizations who support refugees in their transition to Canada. Journey Home assists families with transitional housing while providing resettlement assistance to move into permanent housing. Kinbrace also provides transitional housing as well as support in advancing language skills, building a network of friends, and gaining employment. As Kinbrace says, “A refugee courageously leaves home to seek safety. When you welcome greets their courage, it’s the start of a new home.” 


Join us as we come alongside Servant Partners a mission agency in the Downtown Eastside that seeks to share their lives with the urban poor and live out the Gospel among their neighbors. The focus of Servant Partners is to empower and protect those who are suffering from oppression. Their goal is to raise up leaders within the community who will transform the very community they are living within. SP seeks to be catalysts for change, emphasizing relationships, flexibility, creativity, and risk-taking in ministry. During this trip we will learn how to best serve and empower those whom are battling oppression in urban societies.

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Urban Plunge (February Trips) Coordinators: Amy Saya | amy.saya@twu.caDavid Kong | Huaien.kong@mytwu.ca 

Global Outreach (May-June Trips) Coordinators: Sarah Patterson-Cole | Patterson-Cole@mytwu.caStephanie Dufour | Stephanie.Dufour@mytwu.ca 

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