URBAN PLUNGE TRIP, February 16-21, 2020

These trips are an incredible opportunity to be thrust out of your comfort zone in order to ask the hard questions: Why are there homeless people in the wealthiest nations on earth? How do we live as Christians in light of these realities and injustices? Teams will partner with numerous inner city ministries locally in Vancouver. Through direct-service you will be given the opportunity to see God working in your own life and the lives of the people around you - whether it be a teammate or someone you meet on the street. 


To apply for an Urban Plunge Trip (Feb), simply complete steps one and two below before January 17, 2020. Applications for Global Outreach Trips (May) are now closed except for Fort Babine.

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Trina Pinzon: Assistant Director, Global Projects | Trina.Pinzon@twu.ca 

Global Projects Email: globalprojectstwu@gmail.com 


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