MAY-JUNE- 2018

Every summer Global Projects sends teams of students to participate in cross-cultural community development and missions projects. While the actual trips range from 2-8 weeks each summer, Global Projects embraces a BEFORE-DURING-AFTER philosophy of short-term missions.  This means that the whole summer program lasts from January-October as you meet with all the other summer teams to help you prepare before you leave and process after you come back.  You should think of the summer program more in terms of a discipleship journey rather than just an opportunity for summer travel.  Participating with the Global Projects Summer program will stretch and challenge you; you will be given the opportunity to never be the same again!  

Applications available here.

  • Applications are due by November 17th, 2017. 

Interested in leading? Team leader applications are due by October 11th, 2017. Sign up  here! Interview


            To many, the lands that now form the modern political state of Israel and the Palestinian territories, are known collectively as “The Holy Land.” This is a land rich in religious and historical significance for the three world’s largest monotheistic religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam; and it a land desperate for reconciliation, peace, and unity. Last year, the team partnered with Serve Nazareth, and helped in the Dialysis Unit, Psychiatric Unit, and Maternity Ward of the English Hospital, while also helping in a 1stCentury village re-creation. The team also partnered with Musalaha, an organization in Jerusalem promoting the dialogue of reconciliation and forgiveness between Israelis and Palestinians.  You will gain first-hand experience in Israeli and Palestinian cultures all while learning about God and his heart for this land and the people within. You will experience the importance and challenge of forgiveness in a land rattled by political and religious tension, division, and acts of injustice. Approximate cost: $6520


Come and walk alongside with the children of Calcutta, and the orphans of Mussoorie. In Calcutta, the students will be interacting with troubled youth that roam the streets. The team will spend 2 weeks with the kids, and help keep them off the streets. For 3 weeks, the team will be in Mussoorie, which is located at the base of the Himalayans living life alongside the children who reside in the orphanage. To see life from the different perspectives and lifestyles through the eyes of children will be experienced, and to experience first hand what it means to love mercy and walk humbly while seeing injustices.  Approximate Cost: 5000

Northern beauty: fort babine

 Join a team of 6-8 students going to Northern BC to live amongst the Wit'at Nation on Lake Babine. Trinity students have a 20 year standing relationship with the community of Fort Babine and have the opportunity again this year to go and humbly love and learn, and to be loved in return. This team will spend their time living life together in this small community to learn more about our First Nations brothers and sisters. There, one will have the opportunity to walk a life that is different from their own.  Approximate cost: $1840


Do you have a heart for kids and youth? Craving a cultural adventure? In the small town of Copan Ruinas, you and 5-7 other students will join an organization called Urban Promise Honduras (UPH) as interns. You will assist in an after-school kids program, preparing activities, lead youth nights, go on outdoor adventures with the youth, take Spanish classes, and more. You will also eat incredible Honduran dishes, and experience life with a host family. This trip is an incredible opportunity to see locals and long-term missionaries interact in a beautiful Spanish community.

This Central American country faces complex issues of violence, crime, and kidnapping. The first step in jumpstarting change is through the country’s youth, assuring their foundation is rooted in faith. Despite the internal struggles of the country, there is incredible room for growth and life. God uses brokenness and struggle in so many ways, and you would get to see this up close and personal by partnering with UPH. Approximate cost: $5040


In the beautiful country of Romania, students will partner with River of Life Ministries and have a taste of the work being done in Romania. This team will reach out to at-risk single mothers, orphan children, and the elderly. There will be village outreach opportunities, and maintenance and construction projects. This ministry wants to use your gifts to impact the locals and help run church services for the people.


Team Brazil will be headed into an area of suffocating poverty, poor education, and high unemployment. You will join an amazing ministry in the north of Brazil working with at-risk teens: visiting prisons for teen boys and girls, and helping at a home for teen boys coming off the streets. In addition to this, you will be working with children in the slums of Belem.


Join a team of 6-8 students heading East to work with and alongside Syrian refugees and Turks to pursue cross-cultural reconciliation. The UN reports that Turkey currently hosts the highest number of Syrian refugees displaced by the conflict in the Middle East. This has contributed to an increase in cross-cultural tensions.  Student will have the opportunity to participate in intentional community building, cross-cultural collaboration, perspective sharing, and service projects among Syrians and Turks. You will also learn about Turkey's vibrant history, as your team travels to a number of locations, visiting historic sites like the church in Antioch, Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque. Join us as we experience God’s heart for the nations and deepen our understanding of the social impacts of displaced Syrians.

*** Due to the nature of the USD, prices on trips traveling to USA cost more due to exchange rates ***

Applications available here. Team member applications are due by November 17th, 2017.


Our trips wouldn't run if it wasn't for students who choose to give their talents, time, and energy to leading. While the Global Projects team can plan trips, we need someone who is willing to filter our vision and values down to the team members and to give them life around the world. We provide leaders training, support, and mentorship all throughout the entire process, and consider it a privilege to work with students through what is a typically growth filled time. 

Are you interested in leading a trip with Global Projects? If so, there are a couple of steps in the application process. 

1. Fill in an application form by Oct 11th 2017, and tell us that you want to lead! In the first interview question of the application form, please indicate your interest in leading. Unfortunately, at this point, our application form does not have a specific question about this, so please make your intention clear. 

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