Once again we’re looking forward to sending our students out in early October! We’ll have close to 700 student volunteers available to do community service projects, and would love to send a team to assist you in whatever way we can! If you’re interested in hosting a team, please fill out our Workday Project Request Form, and we’d be happy to connect you with a group of students.


Date: October 5th, 10am - 1pm.

Purpose: To serve you and our local community!

Your Part: To supply jobs for students! Everything from house work, painting, and cleaning to yard work, windows or even construction! All we ask is that you provide the tools and supplies needed for the job.

Cost: It’s absolutely free! No strings attached!! Our heart is to serve as much of the Lower Mainland as possible, and so if you know of others within the Langley area that may have a project, we simply ask that you pass on this website and my contact information.

Other important notes:
*Please remember that you will need to provide any necessary tools or equipment for the job.
*The work teams are made up of both men and women.
*Our students will come rain or shine. We ask that you provide jobs that can accommodate a variety of weather conditions!

*All requests need to be submitted at least a week before the Workday. Student Leaders should confirm their group at least three days before the Workday.

For the Fall Workday Bulletin Insert click here

For the Fall Workday Powerpoint Slide click here


For student leaders: After registering your group, you will be contacted about the details of prospective job(s).



If you have any further questions about Fall Workday or are unable to register using the link please:

Email workday@twu.ca or call 513-2121 ext 3421 and be sure to leave answers to the following questions:
1. Your name.
2. Your phone number .
3. Your address (ie: location of the job).
4. The details of the job you have.
5. The minimum as well as the maximum number of students that it would take to do the job in 3 hours. 

Email Peter.Woekel@twu.ca or visit his office in the Douglas Centre.

Associate Chaplain for Local Outreach, Volunteering, and Evangelism | Student Ministries |Trinity Western University | p:604.513.2121 (3421) | e:outreach@twu.ca