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NightShift: NightShift is a comprehensive street ministry that is seeking to bring healing to those suffering in Surrey. Each week students work with NightShift to bring dignity and restoration to their friends in Surrey.

Students for Life: Awareness & compassionate response to the issues relating to the sanctity of life.

Building 272 Youth Drop-In: Building 272 is given life each week as TWU students create a safe and fun environment for youth. Whether it comes through the food, the games, or the friendship the youth are encouraged.

Prison Ministry: A team of TWU students visit the inmates at Fraser Regional Correctional Centre. While there, they not only provide a listening ear, but also a time of worship and Bible study.

Awana: students support a kids program that hosts over 100 kids. They play games and have fun, while teaching them the truth of God's Word.

Streetlight: This Friday night street ministry, with the Union Gospel Mission, in downtown Vancouver is all about building relationships– meeting people where they are and sharing God’s love with them there.

Youth Extreme: TWU students run an inner-city youth group. With encouragement, commitment and open hearts TWU students provide a consistent support to the at-risk youth.

RAHAB: a team of TWU women provide a sacred space for the abused and sexually exploited women in inner-city Vancouver: a place to rest, be safe, comforted, and heard.

DRIME: a team, equipped and trained by Power to Change, shares choreographed dramas that each highlight the healing work and Good News of Jesus.

Fleetwood Kids: This team provides a fun and exciting children's program for an Arab Christian church in Surrey.

Kairos:  Artistic skills, of all varieties, are used in creative ways to heal, restore, and bring hope to individuals and communities. 

WORKCore (Workers Offering Real Kindness): With willing hands and open hearts these students pull weeds, paint fences, and rake leaves on Saturday afternoons as a free service to people within the Langley community.

Langley Lodge: TWU students bring respect and dignity to their friends at Langley Lodge, by hosting sing-along times, playing games or simply offering a listening ear.

"Outreach programs provide students with a practical outlet to share their faith and demonstrate Christ's love to others. Involvement in these programs provides a platform from which students can mature in the spiritual disciplines of love and compassion. Outreach and Evangelism groups challenge students to "learn to maintain good works, to meet urgent needs, that they may not be unfruitful" (Titus 3:14). Each ministry shares the truth of Christ's love and grace through creative and innovative approaches. Such practical opportunities can be pivotal in developing a student's ability to positively integrate Christianity into today's culture."

Outreach & Evangelism Coordinator | Student Ministries |Trinity Western University | p:604.513.2121 (3421) | e:outreach@twu.ca