Art, whether it be visual, musical, literary, or theatrical, has always been one of the most powerful tools for communication. It has the power to bring either destruction and death, or hope and life. The world is filled with artists who choose to use their art for the glorification of man, but we as Christians are called to use it to glorify God and to bring His Kingdom to earth.

That's exactly why Kairos exists: to focus on serving our community through artistic inspiration. Whether that "community" be just down the road in Ft. Langley, or over on East Hasting street in Vancouver, we are a service team dedicated to bringing truth through the arts.

This team of students learns how to use their artistic skills and creativity to heal, restore, and bring hope not only to individuals, but to entire communities. They will work alongside other ministry teams, such as Youth Extreme, Langley Lodge, etc., as well as branch out to accomplish their own art projects throughout the area. The team is looking for students who love Christ and who are anxious to use their artistic skills for God's glory.

So, if you're an artist--painter, designer, musician, actor, poet, you name it--and are interested in learning more about this group, please contact us!

If you would like more information or are interested in participating please contact Peter Woekel at

Coordinator of Outreach and Evangelism | Student Ministries |Trinity Western University p:604.513.2121 (3421) |