About Imago: Imago Women’s Ministry partners with the Wagner Hills Farm Society to serve the spiritual needs of women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Wagner Hills is a Christian based live-in rehabilitation facility fully licensed by the provincial government. Through counselling, addictions support, practical skills development, work experience, and spiritual care, Wagner Hills seeks to help those struggling with addiction overcome the roadblocks to healthy living, and reintegrate into the normal rhythms of life.

Our students go to the farm once a week to run an evening bible-study and rec night. They play games, go on walks, help with chores, and get to know the women there while running a weekly time of prayer and fellowship focusing on God’s redeeming love. It’s an incredibly powerful time for both the residents and the student volunteers, providing a time to leave preconceptions and pretense behind, and come before God in vulnerability and hope as sisters in Christ and daughters of the King.

If you would like more information or are interested in participating please contact Peter Woekel.

Associate Chaplain for Local Outreach, Volunteering, and Evangelism | Student Ministries |Trinity Western University | p:604.513.2121 (3421) | e:peter.woekel@twu.ca