About WorkCore: WorkCore serves to help provide for the practical needs of the surrounding community. Whether doing some gardening, helping a family move, hauling boxes to the local thrift store, or something else entirely, WorkCore wants to embody the servant leadership attitude of giving selflessly to those who need the help.

When & Where: WorkCore goes out each Saturday morning to various locations in Langley. The first event for WorkCore is the annual Fall Workday in mid-October, when we send out over 700 students to serve in the local community! Partnering with local churches, senior centres, health-care facilities and other community organizations, WorkCore volunteers help with some of the preparation and logistics, and go and serve on service teams on the Workday itself. For more information on the Workday, or to place a project request for the day, please email workday@twu.ca.

If you would like more information or are interested in participating please contact Peter Woekel.

Associate Chaplain for Local Outreach, Volunteering, and Evangelism | Student Ministries |Trinity Western University | p:604.513.2121 (3421) | e:peter.woekel@twu.ca