Study Together – Play Together – Serve Together

Chapters give off-campus students an opportunity to experience authentic connection and belonging within the TWU community through hosted study spaces at local churches and coffee shops, as well as small group events like movie nights, virtual games, and Zoom study buddies. Your Chapter will include other students from Discipleship, Local Outreach, Intercultural Programs, Global Projects, and Collegium programs. They will connect you to each of their areas—inviting you to be further involved in the TWU community.

Each Chapter is overseen by a student Chapter Coordinator who is your to bridge to Trinity and student support services.

How do I Join a CHAPTER?

Joining is simple! Download the Microsoft Teams App to your phone or laptop, and sign in with your mytwu email account. From there you’ll see your geographical Chapter Team. If you have any difficulties signing in, or don’t see the team, contact your Chapter Coordinator.

All information regarding your Chapter events and study spaces will be communicated through the Microsoft Teams App. If you have questions about services and programs on- or off-campus, your Chapter Coordinator is your go-to person. Think of them as your personal TWU connection!


Find your chapter coordinator


Join us on-campus, in a classroom where you can study, chat and hangout with fellow students! RNT (Robert Nelson Thompson building) room 125 will be hosted on T/TH 10:00am-6pm PST and W 2pm - 6pm PST.


10am-6pm - Host: Aagaaz Sandhu and Kevin Chai


2:00-6:00pm - Host: Ethan Porter


10am-6pm - Host: Maria Giesbrecht and Carrina Jaime


Why would I want to be involved?

We want to create and facilitate opportunities for YOU to connect with and engage in the TWU community (in-person and online) from where you’re studying! We also hope your Chapter will serve to connect you to TWU students in your geographic region.

If I join, do I have to participate in all the events?

Not at all! We’re simply providing opportunities for you to engage with community, but all engagement is optional. Information will be shared on MS Teams, but the choice to attend is up to you.

What if I’m in the wrong Chapter on MS Teams or want to be in a different Chapter?

If you’ve been placed in the wrong Chapter or want to switch Chapters, email your Chapter Coordinator or message them through MS Teams to be placed in the correct one.

What if I’m in a Chapter and don’t want to be in it?

If you don’t want to be involved with Chapters, you can exit the team. We’ll miss you!