The First-year Cohort Course Bundle 

We know that the first year at university can be challenging, especially when you’re starting during a global pandemic. When we realized that most of your courses were going to be delivered in an online format, we wanted to find a way to help you navigate your first experiences at Trinity Western University, a way to welcome you into this community at such an unusual time. Here are some of aspects of the TWU learning experience that you will receive as part of this course bundle: 

Community: You have been placed in a cohort of 15 students, and you will all be taking 3 courses together. So you have opportunities to make friendships right away. And your cohort has a Guide, a TWU staff member who will help you stay connected to what else is going on at TWU and will help answer any questions you may have. 

Academic quality: These courses have been designed by partnerships between your professors and online instructional design specialists to create integrated, engaging learning experiences for you. You will be able to interact with your professors and cohort members in meaningful ways. 

Learning Support: Each cohort has 3 TWU students who will offer peer support for you: a Peer Instructor for Foundations 101, a Writing Tutor for your Writing or English course, and a Peer Tutor for Philosophy 105. We know that learning online can be challenging, and these peers are ready to help you. 

TWU First Year Hub

Ready to get started? Welcome to your Cohort! 

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In WordPress you will find:

  • FNDN 101
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In Moodle you will find: 

  • PHIL 105 
  • WRTG 100/101 or ENGL 103 
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Microsoft Teams

In this Team you will find your Guide, Peer Tutors, and support from the Learning Commons staff.