*NOTE: Please specify that payment is for SUMMER

We accept cheques in both Canadian and US funds and debit cards from Canadian banking institutions. You can also pay through online banking with all major Canadian banks and most Canadian credit unions.  American and International students can Bank Wire funds to the TWU bank account. Please note: TWU is not able to accept Interac e-Transfer payments. Out of concern for the safety of our students and staff, we no longer accept cash payments over $500.

Online Banking from Canadian Banking Institutions Only


  • Go to your financial institution's website
  • Click on the Online Banking link
  • Sign-in with your username and password (the password can be obtained through your financial institution)
  • Click on Pay Bills or Payments
  • Click on Add Payee (when it asks for a payee account number enter your Student ID (if your ID number is less than six digits you can add zeros before the number)
  • In the Search area type: Trinity Western, then choose Trinity Western University to add it to your list
  • Once it is in your list you may:
    • go to the Payment area and in the "To:" section choose Trinity Western University
    • in the "From" section choose the account you want to process the payment from.
    • enter the amount and if it asks for a payee account number enter your Student ID (if your ID number is less than six digits you can add zeros before the number)
  • Submit the payment
  • You should get a confirmation number, make note of this for your records.

Cheques - Canadian and American Funds

Make cheques payable to:  Trinity Western University (include student name and ID number on the cheque, and the description of the item you are paying for to the University)

Mail the payment to: 
Trinity Western University 
Attn: Office of the Registrar

Mailing Address: 22500 University Drive, Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1

Bank Wire

Please email the Office of the Registrar  for the bank account information you will require. 

*In order for Trinity Western University to trace the bank wire please fax a copy of the bank wire receipt to 604.513.2096 or scan & email a copy to the Office of the Registrar.   Include on the fax or email the student name, student number, and a description of the item you are paying for (e.g. "Summer Semester Payment").

Note that the receiving bank may charge a fee for this service.

Credit Card - Plastiq

We are excited to announce that we can now accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards for tuition and other payments through Plastiq.

Plastiq is an online payment service that lets you use the convenience of your preferred credit cards to make payments.

Plastiq features a:

  • trusted and secure way to make credit card payments online
  • convenient system that does not require registration
  • dedicated customer service team that is always available
  • straightforward and easy way to make or manage payments from any internet-enabled device, at any time
  • system that allows you to make one-time, recurring, or scheduled future payments

Partnership with Plastiq allows you to pay with your credit card in several ways:

  1. Go to www.plastiq.com and type in our school name in the “search field”, or
  2. Click on the Plastiq PAY NOW button and you will be linked directly to their site.

Making a payment through Plastiq is similar to making any secure online credit card payment. Once your transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation email, and all charges will be clearly indicated on your credit card statement.

Plastiq assess a nominal fee,1.99% of the total amount for the transaction. Two charges will appear on your credit card statement – one will be for the principal amount, and the other will be from Plastiq indicating the fee.

Please note that although Plastiq’s services are made available to students,  Plastiq is in no way affiliated, related or partnered with TWU.  Any issues related to Plastiq’s services should be directed to Plastiq’s service agents.

For additional information about Plastiq see our Plastiq FAQ's or please visit www.plastiq.com.


Plastiq has recently informed us that some payments made with their service are being treated as cash advances by some banks. This may result in additional charges for the card holder.  

Plastiq payments should not result in cash advance fees or interest charges.

If you have recently made a payment using Plastiq, TWU recommends reviewing your credit card charges.  If you have incurred fees beyond the normal 1.99% service charge, please contact your bank immediately.  

If your bank does not correct the error, please contact Plastiq at 1-844-PLASTIQ (1-844-752-7847) or by email at support@plastiq.com.

Plastiq has not yet resolved this issue with two banks: TD and RBC. As a result, Plastiq will no longer accept payment with TD or RBC Visa cards. At this time, credit cards from other financial institutions are still being accepted.

TWU will continue to monitor the situation and will update you with significant developments should they arise.  As always, TWU provides many alternatives to paying by credit cards.