Students who are from other Provinces/States, please contact Financial Aid for further information.

Full-Time Summer Loan

Please note that students must average full‐time enrolment (minimum of 9 semester hours for undergraduate students) over 12 weeks not including breaks. Breaks between sessions must be no greater than two weeks with a total of three weeks of breaks allowable. For course planning see 2019 Summer at a Glance document. To complete the required documentation to qualify for a full‐time summer loan, please contact the Financial Aid Office and complete the Summer Course Completion Contract.

Part-Time Summer Loan

If you are studying part‐time at a designated post‐secondary institution, in an eligible program and your family income falls below a set limit, you may be eligible for the federal part‐time student loan (and grant) program. Students must be enrolled in 3‐8 Semester Hours and the minimum program length must be 12 weeks. For course planning see Summer at a Glance document. To find out if you are eligible, please contact the Financial Aid Office( and complete the Part-time Summer Course Completion Contract.