The ESLI Pre-MATESOL Program is an intensive Academic English Skills program. It is designed for students who have already completed undergraduate degrees in their own country and are applying for admission to TWU’s MATESOL program, but do not have a high enough IELTS / TOEFL score. 

ESLI is a language institute on the TWU campus in Langley, B.C.  (ESLI Information).

Admission Requirements for Conditional Admission through ESLI's Pre-Master's Program:

English Proficiency:

  • Students with IELTS 6.5 (iBT 88) may begin with PMP 2, which is one semester of classes in reading / writing / listening / speaking skills, plus 2 – 3 TESOL Certificate classes
  • Student with IELTS 6.0 or equivalent should begin with PMP 1, a one semester program which also includes both English academic skills and several TESOL Certificate courses.  They should plan to follow this with PMP 2. 
  • Students who do not meet these standards will be required to successfully complete ESLI level 4 before entering the Pre-MATESOL Program.
  • Students with a IELTS 7.5 (iBT 105 or CAEL 80) should apply directly to MATESOL.  Please refer to this page:  Requirements 

NOTE:  Students who attain an 80% final grade in PMP 2 and a “B” in their TESOL courses will not be required to retake the IELTS, and may enter the MATESOL directly from ESLI.

Other Requirements:

  • Undergraduate degree (BA or BSc).
  • Pre-requisites for graduate courses.  These courses will be completed as part of the Pre-Masters Program semesters:  TESL Methodology, Phonetics, Language & Culture, and Grammar, or undergraduate courses in Linguistics or Education. 
  • Two references  (one academic, one professional)
  • Resume
  • A one page statement of purpose. Include your reasons for studying your major and why you are choosing to study at Trinity Western University.
  • Teaching experience in an ESL / EFL classroom, paid or volunteer  (Students may take Ling 301, Volunteer Practicum as part of the Pre-MATESOL Program)

NOTE:  students entering through the Pre-Master's Program should choose the resident MATESOL option.

How to apply for the Pre-MATESOL Program?

Make an online application and note that you plan to take the Trinity Western University MATESOL graduate program:

Email ESLI for more information:

TESOL Certificate Classes offered in the Pre-MATESOL program

Depending on the semesters, students may take

  • Ling 268 Introduction to TESOL / TESL
  • Ling 210 Language and Society
  • Ling 301 Volunteer Practicum
  • Ling 302 Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Ling 305 Grammar for Teachers
  • Ling 306 The Sound System of English
  • Other courses as required

Timeline for International Students:

September 2019 -- Begin ESLI English classes (complete Level 4)

January - April 2020 – PMP 1 + 2 TESOL Certificate classes

May to August 2020 – PMP 2 + 2 TESOL Certificate classes + Volunteer ESL Practicum

September 2020 -- Begin MATESOL program on-campus at TWU in Langley, BC.

Students who already have an IELTS of 6.5, a TESL Certificate, and teaching experience may begin the ESLI Pre-Master's Program in September, January or May.

General Curriculum and Content of ESLI Pre-Master's Program

This program focuses on critical thinking, reading, writing, research and presentation skills within a TESOL context. There will also be a strong emphasis on independent learning.  English skills are developed using a “Content-based” approach, where students take English skills classes while working on credit courses in TESOL & Linguistics. This helps to develop vocabulary, writing skills, and fluency in the academic discipline of TESL.

Readiness to move into the graduate program will be determined by the Pre-MATESOL instructors, in consultation with the director of the MATESOL program.

ESLI will also help arrange airport pick-ups, housing, and student visa applications.

Cost of Pre-Master's Program at ESLI