Program Overview



The fully online MATESOL degree may be completed within a period of two to five years. Online students begin with a six-week online orientation in the semester prior to beginning classes. They then choose to take either one or two courses per semester. Online track applications are accepted for fall, spring and summer semester entry.


The on-campus TWU MATESOL track is typically completed in 16 to 20 months, after completion of the online orientation in June-July. In some cases, a student can complete all coursework within a 12-month period on campus, such as when the internship is conducted overseas or is not required due to prior accreditation eligibility or a background of more than 2000 paid hours of language classroom teaching experience.

All resident classes are conducted at the Langley campus starting in annually in September, with three to four courses per 15 week semester. Typically, students are actively involved on campus six hours per day, four days per week, with additional readings and coursework done outside of class.

MATESOL Course Checklist

TWU MATESOL Online Orientation 


MATESOL students in both the online and resident track are required to complete the six-week online orientation. This is a series of short video clips, webinars, web quests and quizzes that introduces students to the program features and prepares them for research and extensive collaborative work.  During this time, students are assigned to an academic leadership coach to facilitate the process.

Online Orientation is offered four times each year:

  • May~June for online or resident students.
  • June~July for online or resident students.
  • September~October for online students only.
  • January~February for online students only.

With approval of the Program Director, an applicant may be able to enter the Online Orientation program before being officially admitted to the program.

Typically, the Orientation program requires 6 to 8 hours per module to complete. Most work is asynchronous work (done individually at own pace) during a weekly module, but 60-90 minutes may be some type of required “live” webinar. A student must successfully complete the six-week orientation in order to be approved to take regular courses in the MATESOL.

TWU MATESOL graduates are eligible to apply for TESL Canada Level 3 certification.

TWU MATESOL program is accredited by TESL Ontario.

TWU MATESOL is an official BCTEAL institutional member.

TWU MATESOL graduates who teach in a K - 12 system in Canada are eligible for for TQS Category 6.