Cast Artistic Team Staff & Crew 


Tasha Magnan – Helsa

Tasha is a fourth-year Theatre major with minors in English and Catholic studies. Tasha acted as the Elephant Puppet Master in Hugo’s Haunting, as a member of the ensemble for Snow Queen, as Ariel in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, held a production position for Upside Down Christmas, and acted as a lighting technician for WROL. She is extremely excited to be performing as Helsa in this production, fulfilling her theatrical dreams of being in a farce. She would like to thank her family, friends, and the SAMC team for the support she received in fulfilling this role.

Jennifer Mamchur – Elsa Von Grossenknueten

Jenn is a fourth year in the BFA Acting program. Jenn feels blessed to be part of this incredible cast in such a unique time in history. Acting in the midst of a pandemic is different, but she loves the fact that telling of story is still happening. She hopes you enjoy this comedic show and that you find many reasons to laugh and smile through this hard season of life. Past Credits include: (TWU) The Tempest (Francesca/Ensemble), The Ruby Sunrise (Lois/Ethel), The Game of Love and Chance (Madame Orgonia), New Generations – Coping With Crime (Director), Comedy of Errors (Costumes ASM), Cover of Life (SoundOp). (Gallery 7) Macbeth (Banquo/Malcom/Apparitions), Mousetrap (Stage Manager).

Sacha Mugisha – Michael Kelly  

Sacha Mugisha is a first-year prospective BFA Acting major. He is from Kigali, Rwanda, and is thoroughly enjoying making Langley his new home. Some of his previous acting credits include Beast in Beauty and the Beast and Scar in The Lion King during his time in high school. The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 is the first show he is getting to work on at TWU, and his favourite part of working on it has been doing so with the super fun cast and crew!

Braedon Grover Sunnes – Patrick O'Reilly

Braedon is a third-year BFA in Acting major. This is his third time appearing in a SAMC Theatre show. You may have had the chance to see him in The Ruby Sunrise as Tad Rose but sadly had to miss him as Caliban in The Tempest, which was cancelled due to COVID-19. Over this last year there have been so many changes in the world of performance, and Braedon has found great joy in developing a new COVID-friendly version of 11:07, The 11:07 Show, with Nyssa Morgan. He hopes you can tune in to this show wherever you may be!

Zoey Mihelic – Ken De La Maize

Zoey is a fourth-year Theatre major. While she has been in only one play previously, a high school rendition of The Three Musketeers, she has never been far from the theatre. Before taking centre stage here, she has worked on the sets of Jane Eyre: The Musical, A Kind of Alaska, and more recently WROL. Now she finally makes her grand return to the spotlight, bringing a near-manic energy with her.

Nyssa Morgan – Nikki Crandall

Nyssa, a fourth-year student in the BFA Acting program, is delighted to be acting on the Trinity Western stage for the last time in this hilarious show. Her past acting credits at TWU include playing Addie Mae McGough in R.T. Robinson’s The Cover of Life, Frankie in Mr. Big by Emmett Hanly, as part of the ensemble cast of Upside-Down Christmas, and Lulu Miles in The Ruby Sunrise by Rinne Groff. Other select credits include portraying Pamela in The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow, and Angela in It’s Not You, It’s Me by Don Zolidis (Night Owl Theatre). She hopes you will laugh out loud and enjoy this fun and farcical show!

Alex Walker – Eddie McCuen

Alex is a third-year Theatre and Religious Studies double major. His previous theatre experience includes head of props for SAMC Theatre’s Anne of Green Gables and sound operator for SAMC Theatre’s Without Rule of Law. His more recent onstage work includes playing Francis Flute/Thisbe in Gallery 7’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Henry Hudnut and Paul Benjamin in SAMC Theatre’s The Ruby Sunrise, and Claus in SAMC Theatre’s Reach. He hopes that viewers can enjoy The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940’s humour, unique characters, and unpredictable story.

Elizabeth Trottier – Marjorie Baverstock

Elizabeth is a fourth-year Theatre major and History minor. This is her first time performing on the TWU stage, as she previously worked backstage as sound designer on The Tempest and ASM on The Ruby Sunrise. Her past credits include Emer in Heritage (Douglas College), the Ringmaster in Elephant Graveyard, Rona Lisa Peretti in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Lorraine Sheldon in The Man Who Came to Dinner (Delview Secondary School). She is currently performing with Royal Court Princess Parties. She hopes you enjoy the farce that is The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.

Berke Mutaf – Roger Hopewell

Berke Mutaf is a second-year Theatre major. Some of his previous work include Barry in Urinetown and Charlie in Anne of Green Gables. Now he is playing as Roger Hopwell in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. He is excited to play this role and hopes you enjoy the show!

Lani-Marie Carbonel – Bernice Roth

Lani-Marie is a fourth-year Music and BFA Acting double major who was first seen on the SAMC Theatre stage in 2018 as Ms. Stacey in Anne of Green Gables. She was also involved in last year’s production of The Ruby Sunrise as sound designer, and last semester in her first film project as Sarah in Without Rule of Law (WROL). Now she is excited to bring on the laughter and hopes you enjoy this crazy and fun show!

Audrey Loeffler – Understudy (Marjorie, Bernice)

Audrey Loeffler is a fourth-year Media and Communication major. She found a love for acting and theatre in high school, performing in school and community musicals as chorus members in Fiddler on the Roof, Singing in the Rain, and Little Women, among others. Despite dropping her theatre minor three years ago, Audrey could never escape her desire to perform. She is incredibly grateful to be working as an understudy in her first show at TWU and would like to thank everyone who encouraged her to pursue her passions and audition.

Annie Zander – Understudy (Nikki, Helsa, Ken, Elsa)

Annie is a third-year student in the BFA Acting program from Denver, Colorado. She is very honoured to be able to be part of this production during this time in our history where opportunities for theatre are limited. Past TWU credits include Without Rule of Law (Vic), The Ruby Sunrise (Suzie Tyrone), The Tempest (slated to play Gonzala), as well as crew credits in The Game of Love and Chance (assistant stage manager), and Anne of Green Gables (sound engineer).

Allen Qiu – Understudy (Kelly, Roger, Eddie)

Allen Qiu is a third-year Theatre major. This year he has been learning a lot through being an ASM understudy. He is also an acting understudy and has been having fun watching the actors under whom he is studying.

Artistic Team 

Kate Muchmore Woo – Director

Kate Muchmore Woo is the chair of SAMC Theatre. She is a director/actor with credits from around the United States and B.C., including A Wrinkle in Time, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Mousetrap, and Enchanted April (Gallery 7); The Illusion, As Little Children, Twelfth Night, Jane Eyre: The Musical, The Cover of Life, The Game of Love and Chance, and The Tempest (TWU SAMC Theatre); and The Women of Lockerbie (Vancouver Fringe 2016). US credits include Hairspray; Almost, Maine; Picasso at the Lapin Agile; and Pericles, among others. Kate has an MFA in Directing from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

Rachel Van Vliet – Assistant Director 

Rachel is a TWU Theatre graduate and is very excited to help bring this show to the stage! This is her first show as Assistant Director, and it has introduced exciting challenges. Her previous SAMC credits include Jane Eyre: the Musical (ASM),Smash! (Gertrude Lindsay), and New Generations (Festival Stage Manager 2018, Director 2020). Other credits include stage managing for Gallery 7’s Abby Theatre Festival (2018). She would like to thank Kate Muchmore Woo, the Director, for the opportunity to learn more about the craft. Her friendship and guidance throughout the process has made this experience a blessing. She would also love to thank the actors for the work they are putting into this comedy. Get ready for a night of laughs and thrills!

Kris Dietrich – Production Manager, Set Design

Kris was born and raised in Canada and grew up in a rural setting. The setting was foundational in demonstrating the value of creativity, patience, and hard work. His undergraduate studies were at the University of Lethbridge. He received his graduate theatre training at the University of Missouri at Kansas City under the instruction of John Ezell. During his time there he had the opportunity to interact with and work alongside some of the best theatre professionals in the industry. He enjoys all aspects of design and has worked in theatre for the past 20 years. He has been a principal designer on more than 90 theatrical shows. Kris is continually intrigued by incorporating emerging technology into his creative process and the art of storytelling in the theatre.

Kerri Norris – Costume Design

Kerri has designed for productions all over the Lower Mainland. Most recently at TWU she designed for WROL, The Snow Queen, and Anne of Green Gables. She is a Theatre instructor at TWU and the resident costume designer for Shadows & Dreams Theatre Company and the Royal Canadian Theatre Company.

Matthew Piton – Lighting Designer

Matthew has an MFA in Design and Production from the University of British Columbia and a BA in Theatre Design from the University of the Fraser Valley. He specializes in lighting, set, sound, and projection design. As a member of the Associated Designers of Canada, Matthew is working actively in the theatre and dance communities in British Columbia. Recent productions include Noises Off, assistant lighting design (The Arts Club); Mixed Nuts, set design (Arts Umbrella); The Rocky Horror Show, lighting and set design (Alchemy Theatre); 12 Minute Madness, lighting design (The Cultch, Revolver Festival). Full CV at

Ben Meadows – Sound Designer

Ben Meadows is a third-year MCOM and Theatre double major. He has been a part of the SAMC Theatre team for three years now, where he has sound designed for The Game of Love and Chance, acted in New Generations, and operated a camera during Without Rule of Law. Ben is thankful because he gets to combine his love of theatre and film to help bring stories to life. He is so excited to share his love of theatre with you at home.

Ysabelle Hohn – Stage Manager

Ysabelle is a second-year Christianity and Culture major and Theatre minor. She has been a crew member for RFIS’s Circus Olympus, an ASM and costume/scenic designer for RFIS’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a co-stage manager and crew leader for RFIS’s Hope and Heartache Diner, a light board operator for SAMC’s The Snow Queen, an ASM for SAMC’s The Tempest, and a lighting technician for SAMC’s Without Rule of Law. She is excited to continue learning and growing in theatre as a stage manager for SAMC Theatre’s The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.

Sheena Kingston – Assistant Stage Manager

Sheena Kingston is a second-year student at TWU, majoring in International Studies. Although she has a passion for politics and development, she also has a great passion for music and theatre. She grew up singing and learning music for as long as she can remember and was a part of musical productions in her city in India. She has played little Nala in The Lion King, Maria in The Sound of Music, and was also a part of Les Misérables. She has grown and has learned a lot more about the art and the field after taking THTR 161 with Professor Norris, and as assistant stage manager for this semester’s production. She is looking forward to many more opportunities within this amazing community!

Allen Qiu – Assistant Stage Manager

Allen Qiu is a third-year Theatre major. This year he has been learning a lot through being an ASM understudy. He is also an acting understudy and has been having fun watching the actors under whom he is studying.

Lillie Mae Trimble – Assistant Stage Manager

Lillie Trimble is a second-year Pre-Medicine major with a Music minor. Lillie has been previously involved on the production team of Without Rule of Law. After enjoying her time on the production team, Lillie joined the stage management team as an assistant stage manager. She is looking forward to continuing to participate in the theatre department.

Crew & Administrative Support

Production Manager

Kris Dietrich

Interim Technical Director

Lora-Lynne Frewing

Set Leads

Elliot Morrison, Reg Parks

Technical Crew

Lani-Marie Carbonel, Jenna Diersch, Madeleine Edwards, Montana Finn, Amaris Henry, Kristin Iosifelis, Tasha Magnan, Zoey Mihelic, Sacha Mugisha, Berke Mutaf, Sheena Steven, Braedon Grover Sunnes, Alex Walker, Emma Wiebe, Madison Willoughby, Tahlia Wine

Head of Props

Kristin Iosifelis

Props Crew

Tahlia Wine, Amaris Henry

Costume TA

Jennifer Mamchur

Costume Crew

Jenna Diersch

Music Composition

Anthony Nootebos


Stephen Elcheshen

Scene Shop TA

Joshua Hall

Tech TA

Ysabelle Hohn

Livestream Camera Operators

Ben Meadows, Tahlia Wine

Sound Board Operator

Maddi Willoughby

Publicity TA

Amaris Henry

Publicity Team

Shayna Leenstra, Emma Selle, Nyssa Morgan, Marissa Welch

Box Office Manager

Carlos Monasterios