Who We Are

The Theatre Department at Trinity Western University is filled with people who are passionate about theatre. Faculty, staff and students love to see, produce and talk about theatre in our school, our city, and our world. We encourage and challenge each other to think critically about the art and its intersection with our faith. And we want to make that art better.

As a student, you will learn about theatre history, literature, and practice. You will be pushed to understand the connections between your English and Philosophy classes and your life as a theatre artist and scholar. You will be immersed in productions that enable you to exercise the muscles and test the ideas you are acquiring in your courses. And you will fall in love with theatre.

The theatre faculty at TWU are working professionals, committed Christians, and exceptional teachers. We work hard to create community - a place with the right balance of support and challenge where students can flourish. Your university years will shape you in ways you can't possibly anticipate. If you decide to study theatre with us, it will be our privilege to walk with you through those formative years, helping you discover who you were created to be.

Kate Muchmore Woo
Chair, Department of Theatre

Our Mission

We believe that Christian artists are called to be culture-shapers; therefore our mission is to provide the highest quality artistic and academic theatre education for students to explore and express their God-given gifts in theatre. We seek to produce graduates with a well-rounded theatre education, a broad knowledge of the liberal arts, and an understanding of who they are called to be.