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Responsive, Cue-based Breastfeeding: Exploring Public Health Nurses' Perceptions, by Taylor Sonnenberg

Location: Virtual (link below)

Department: Master of Science in Nursing

Thesis Supervisor: Landa Terblanche, PhD, RN (MSN)

Second Reader: Deborah Gibson, MSN, RN (MSN)

Third Reader: Suzanne Campbell, PhD, RN, IBCLC (UBC)

Exam Chair: TBD

Abstract: Supporting responsive, cue-based breastfeeding (RCBBF) (i.e., baby-led) is considered best practice for promoting maternal-infant attachment and reducing infants’ long-term obesity risk. RCBBF is a complex concept. Public health nurses (PHNs) are exposed to mixed messaging and we do not know how they enact RCBBF in practice. This study used interpretive description to explore PHNs’ perceptions of RCBBF. Semi-structured interviews were conducted online. One overarching theme, bound by trust, and three sub-themes were identified: disrupted trust (informational disruption and maternal mistrust), building trust (education and responsiveness to maternal needs), and maintaining trust (varying degrees of trust). Participants’ perceptions of RCBBF were filtered through a lens of trust that could be limited or enhanced. When disrupted, trust was limited, when built, it was enhanced, and when threatened, it was maintained. These findings are significant in beginning to understand the clinical application of RCBBF, but more research is needed to fully understand RCBBF.

Event contact: Alethea Cook, Graduate Studies Coordinator

AUDIENCE: Please arrive early, as this event is locked once it begins.