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The Effectiveness of Service-Learning in Faith Formation of Kelowna Christian School Students, by Ian Sharp

Location: Virtual (link below)
Department: Master of Arts in Educational Leadership
Co-Supervisor: Heather Strong, PhD (LEAD)
Co-Supervisor: James Parsons, PhD (LEAD)
Second Reader: Doug Atha, DSL (LEAD)
Third Reader: Allyson Jule, PhD (UFV)
Exam Chair: Philip Laird, PhD (TWU)

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between SL and faith by addressing three questions. First, is service-learning (SL) more effective than classroom-learning (CL) in helping high school students value faith, scripture, integrity, and prayer? Second, what elements enhance SL’s effectiveness in helping students grow in their faith? Third, what factors affect the motivation of teachers to offer SL? This mixed-method study analyzed the responses of 52 grade 10-12 Kelowna Christian school students and alumni. Additionally, three KCS high school teachers were interviewed to understand teacher motivation. The findings demonstrated SL to be more effective than CL in maturing faith and helping students value scripture, integrity, and prayer. Moreover, the student’s narrative affected the effectiveness of SL’s reflection. Finally, the findings revealed the following factors inhibiting teachers from offering SL: prep time, community contacts, planning logistics of SL, rigid timetable, and unclear vision for SL at KCS.

Event contact: Alethea Cook, Graduate Studies Coordinator
AUDIENCE: Please arrive early, as this event is locked once it begins.