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Educational Support for Novice Teachers in Creating Inclusive Classrooms, by Alyxandra McClure

Location: Virtual (link below)

Department: Master of Arts in Educational Studies – Special Education

Thesis Supervisor: Ken Pudlas, EdD (MAES-SPED)

Second Reader: Lara Ragpot, DEd (MAES-SPED)

External Examiner: David Carter, EdD (BCASP, Ret.)

Exam Chair: Darlaine Jantzen, PhD, RN (MSN)

Abstract: Shelley Moore wrote, “We are diverse, all of us. We all have strengths, we all have stretches, and we all need to get better at something” (Moore, 2016, p.5). Numerous teachers in British Columbia (BC) feel professionally unprepared to fulfil the needs of students with special needs (Naylor, 2003; Moore, 2016). This qualitative study examines how employed novice teachers are being supported to create and teach in inclusive classrooms. To answer this question, I interviewed six participants comprised of novice teachers and leadership team members. I make three recommendations. First, I recommend schools establish mentorship programs for their novice teachers. Second, I recommend establishing collaboration time, so that all teachers will have time to share and discuss their understandings and learning. Finally, for the benefit of all teachers I encourage schools to focus professional development on topics related to inclusion.

Event contact: Alethea Cook, Office of Research & Graduate Studies