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Exploring the interprofessional contributions of spiritual health practitioners to prevent compassion fatigue in nurses, by Amy Hildebrand

Location: Virtual (link below)

Department: Master of Science in Nursing

Thesis Supervisor: Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, PhD, RN (MSN)

Second Reader: Barry Quinn, PhD (Queen's University Belfast)

Third Reader: Darlaine Jantzen, PhD, RN (MSN)

Exam Chair: Lara Ragpot, DEd (MAES-SPED)

Abstract: The connections amidst compassion fatigue, the spiritual well-being of nurses, and the provision of support by spiritual health practitioners (SHPs) has not been well studied. The purpose of this qualitative thesis is to explore the perspectives of SHPs in their support for nurses to prevent compassion fatigue. This study was conducted using a qualitative interpretive description design. The methods utilized included a current literature review and thematic analysis of individual interviews with seven SHPs. A brief secondary analysis of data collected from a related research project informed the background and some findings of this study. One overarching theme, The Value of Connectedness, and three main themes were identified from the data: (De)Prioritization of the Spiritual in Health Care; SHPs’ Perception of Nurses’ Compassion Fatigue and Lack of Connection to Spirituality; and The Nature of SHP Support. Several conclusions and recommendations have been made from the completion of this research.

Event contact: Alethea Cook, Office of Research & Graduate Studies